Swatch Launches It’s Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar SmartWatch

World-renowned Swiss wristwatch manufacturing company, Swatch has got a couple of smartwatches to its name but they were not as successful as the company would have hoped. However, the brand has launched another offensive in the smartwatch market with the launch of the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar.

The top feature of this hybrid fitness smartwatch is that it utilizes solar power to deliver up to six months of battery life. The wearable is compatible with Android, Huawei Harmony OS, and iOS. It comes with fitness tracking features, notifications support, and traditional watch functions.

The latest hybrid smartwatch from Swatch ship with the company’s propriety Swiss Autonomous Low Power System (SwALPS) OS. The company also says that the hybrid watch also supports GPS Navigation. The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar smartwatch features a 47mm circular body. The wearable will be available for purchase in high-end materials, with a choice of titanium or ceramic.

The watch also comes with compatibility with iOS and Android as well as Huawei Harmony OS. The inclusion of HarmonyOS support will definitely aid adoption in China. Other details are scanty but we expect the presence of a heart rate sensor among others.

The rest of the details are currently under wraps. But, the hybrid smartwatch is expected to offer support for heart rate sensors, sleep tracking, BP monitoring, steps and more. One will find these features in most budget fitness trackers.

The Swatch Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar hybrid watch is priced at 1,000CHF, which is around Rs 75,250 in India. This is pretty expensive when compared to other competitors like Apple, Xiaomi, and Huawei. The product is expected to launch in June or July.

Swatch recently saw its revenue drop and the Apple Watch strong market dominance was fingered among reasons for such. The new smartwatch may be the company’s effort to mount some pressure in that segment so as to grab a slice of the pie.

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