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Super applications: A thing of the future for Indians

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The term super application might be new to a lot of people. The reason is it is not yet an official term and not used commonly. Although it is widely used in the tech world as tech geeks are pretty much looking forward to using one of those in upcoming years. Basically, super applications are just like normal applications which do the functions of 10 other application. It is like Uber, Swiggy, GooglePay, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook crumpled in one application. This concept is out there even now.

WeChat is the prime example of being one of the super applications in the world right now. It does all the things many applications do with their respective applications. This is going to be the future for apps. Only super apps would be around and applications targeted to do just one thing would most probably run out of business.

However, using a super app requires a great understanding of the applications. That is because if beginners start using a super app they wouldn’t know which feature is meant to do what. The user would be absolutely lost and different kinds of delusions might set in. That is the reason, different applications for different functions are out there right now.

The present is educating the users, however, this case is only in India. China is very well into super applications. WeChat is the ultimate app there and not even WhatsApp could enter the Chinese market. Uber has also given up its business in China the only reason is no one wants a different app for booking a taxi.

India, on the other hand, is not that educated when it comes to application. People use a lot of apps in India, however, they still don’t have the understanding of them to introduce super apps in India. Kavin Mittal, the founder of Hike Messenger also believes the same. Hike also does a couple of other things other than being a messaging application. It allows users to read the news, post photos just as Instagram and have a feed and other things. However, it will not be converted into a super app but there will be another Hike application which will be introduced as a super application sooner rather than later.

The reason they will allow users to have the current Hike app and introduce another one is that WeChat has totally tanked in India. And that is pretty scary as WeChat is a way of living in China, there are as many as 800 million users and that is eight times the Hike users. So, Hike will play it safe as many experts still think that India is not ready for super apps and it will not be ready for a long time. This is mainly because about 500 million people still use feature phones in India and they might not even know what an application is.

It will, however, be very riveting to see how Hike does when it introduces multiple features in its new application.

-Unmesh Phule

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