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Suning Launches The “Opening Plan” For A Big Push Into Home Appliance Market, Joins Midea And Haier

Since February 10, construction has begun in many places across the country, and the industry is waiting to reap dividents. It was reported was that Suning, the first channel of home appliances, launched the “opening plan” for the first time, and launched a compaign in war mode with major home appliances player such as Midea and Haier to inject a strong push into the home appliance market.

It is reported that Suning Appliance’s “opening plan” comprehensively covers multiple dimensions of products, prices, and services, including explosive price coordinates, trade-in subsidies, price guarantee for 30 days, and interest-free installments in 12 installments. The price bonus for home appliances and special periods is bound to stimulate demand growth in the home appliance market.

Since the outbreak of corona virus, Suning Appliance has continued to support the front line by donating materials and helping construction. Suning service engineers rushed to the construction of designated epidemic prevention hospitals, quarantine areas, and testing points, and installed home appliances such as air conditioners and water heaters for free. At the same time, they provided refrigerators and freezers to the antiviral drug Redecive Clinical Trial Group and multiple designated hospitals in Wuhan. And other equipment to provide full support for epidemic prevention and control.

In addition to donating anti-epidemic materials, Suning also leveraged its strong supply chain strength to help prevent and control the epidemic nationwide. Suning platform launched the new corona epidemic protection special cell to promote health appliances with disinfection, sterilization, purification and other functions for users; meanwhile, it insisted on ensuring the distribution of home appliances in special periods to fully protect people’s livelihood needs; and through various channels to conduct various brand’s official release of practical information such as online services for home appliances.

In this “opening plan”, Suning Appliances joined the major brands in the industry to select a large number of models in each home appliance category to drive prices down to the fullest to meet consumers’ health needs. For example, Haier Commander ’s sterilizing washing machine is as low as 1899 yuan, the Media’s 1.5P energy efficiency inverter air conditioner is as low as 1999 yuan, Whirlpool Air only sells for 799 yuan, and Philips UV disinfection lamps only sell for 359 yuan. At the same time as the epidemic prevention, Suning pushed for the replacement of health products in the home appliance market, further activating the stock market space, and replacing the old with the new one with a maximum subsidy of 1,500 yuan. During the epidemic, consumers can make online reservations and enjoy the renewal benefits of Suning appliances with one click.

New mode of opening positions online, guaranteed price and interest free
Affected by the epidemic, the demand for “sofa shopping” is rising. Suning and other major e-commerce platforms have also launched “no hiccup” logistics solutions, and the proportion of online retail has increased significantly. It is reported that the opening plan of Suning Appliances is also the first online opening of Suning Appliances merchants and retail cloud. Compared with offline dealer meetings in previous years, this is an innovative way of O2O and medium range markets. In addition, combined with the promotion of Su Xiaotuan’s home appliances and other forms, it has also opened up the innovative footsteps of Suning Home Appliances community marketing and medium range markets.

In the implementation of the plan, Suning Appliance launched an advanced price policy for the benefit of the people, and “price guarantee for 30 days”, consumers do not need to spend more money. For the full range of home appliance products, there are not only discounts of thousands of yuan, full purchases and other discounts, member coupons, interest-free coupons, payment coupons and other preferential forms, but also 30-day “protected prices” to ensure that users actually enjoy the price bonus in purchasing home appliances.

And through Suning Finance’s 12-phase installment of interest-free service, you can enjoy high-quality home appliances in advance for a small amount of money. Take Suning color TV as an example. The Suning platform has launched the social smart screen area. The 75-inch ultra-clear laser large screen Suning willfully pay 12 interest-free installments. You can fully upgrade the living room life for only 38 yuan a day.

“Nine Fold Protection” Leads the Industry and Sends Out Safeguards
In response to the issue of delivery that most users are most concerned about, Suning Appliances has introduced the “nine protective measures” that lead the industry. While insisting on not interrupting service, it will dispel the user’s security concerns and ensure the user experience under the position opening plan.

It is reported that Suning Appliances’ “nine measures of protection” measures cover the whole process of service before, during and after the service. Before service, Suning service engineers need to perform temperature detection, disinfect clothing and vehicles, and wear masks; during the service, they need to wear a full set of protective tools such as masks, gloves, shoe covers, etc., and actively maintain a safe distance of 2 meters from the user to avoid direct contact; after the service is completed, clean the machine, and guide users to pay attention to repairs and faults for help, and take away job waste.

With the spread of the epidemic, the home appliance market is also facing a new test. And how to overcome difficulties and develop steadily in special times has also become the direction for the entire appliance industry to break through. Suning Appliance’s “opening plan” provides a new reference for the appliance market, and the road to anti-epidemic will meet the dawn.

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