Suning Jiwu Stores: A New Shopping Experience for the Youth

Suning Jiu

Sunning, the largest retailer in China at the moment is also one of the largest in the whole world. They have some of the largest and most advanced physical stores across China and Japan. The various Suning stores are specially designed to cater to different kinds of customers from the homemakers to the youth and many more. It has become an essential part of the Chinese offline shopping experience in the recent years.

Shopping can be termed as an essential activity for humans especially in the era of hiked consumerism. However, for some shopping is also a way to escape, it’s a pleasure to them and it makes them feel joyous. Anyway you take the shopping experience, it remains one of the most important part of life at least for the modern city dwellers where one can rarely make something up and finds it more convenient to just go and buy it from a store online or offline.

Talking of the online and offline stores, it needs to be kept in mind that the online stores or the larger e-commerce popped up only a decade or two ago. What was there since centuries were the brick and mortar stores. Although, over the years and through development of technology and change in the cultural, social and economic scenarios, the physical stores also took a new shape and became what people call it nowadays, a shopping mall.

Consumerism was mentioned above and the word best suits the second largest economy in the world, China. For decades they have been the world’s factory and in the last 2 decades they have also become one of the largest consumers in the world. The economy is growing rapidly in China and the lifestyle is getting better by the day. It has been observed that the higher the disposable income one has, the more the consumption is. This has been the reason behind the rapid rise of different kinds of shopping platforms in China. They have some of the largest online as well as offline stores in the world.

Suning HQ, Nanjing
[Reveiwtech: Suning HQ, Nanjing]
Having talked about the size of the offline stores, let’s take a look at Suning. To read more about the company click here. The company founded in 1990 in Nanjing, has now grabbed the top spot in the Chinese retail industry. The top spot has been the result of the company’s persistent innovations and dedicated efforts to serve the customers. They tried to offer the rising youth in the cities, a place similar to their online platform to visit and purchase a wide variety of products. The name of the store is Suning Jiwu Store.

Computer at Jiu Store
[Reviewtech: Computer at Jiwu Store]
Jiwu stores are designed specifically to attract the youth. The reason to be saying so is the combination of the aesthetics, products offered and the additional services found there. The overall appeal of the Jiwu stores are very chic and it attracts the youth a lot. The products offered range from consumer electronics to sportswear, to food courts and even private entertainment. Yes, you heard that right, private entertainment in the form of movie screenings for a private party of 5 to 6 people at an affordable rate.

Camera at Jiu Store
[Reviewtech:Camera at Jiwu Store]
The Jiwu stores have a huge area designated to the wide varieties of consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, speakers, headphones, and other smart home accessories as well. They also have electric bikes and electric gokarts along with smart locks for a smart home. They offer these products for the youth who are obsessed with such items and are always surrounded by such items. This makes them very attractive in the eyes of the younger generation. To add to the joy of these people, Jiwu has areas designated for taking rest in their stores. They have bean bags and even small cushions and pillows for the shoppers to take a little nap or try out a product while taking rest in their store itself. On one hand it enhances the overall shopping experience for the user. One the other hand, it actually increases the time spend by the users in the stores, which leads to actual sales. The reason is that the users feel comfortable with the store and they can spend more time with the products there. This results in building a sense of trust with the brand and it always helps.

Suning Jiu Food Court
[Reviewtech: Suning Jiwu Food Court]
Food is also a major part of the Jiwu stores as one whole floor is dedicated to the food court that serves multi cuisine food in a proper restaurant format. In addition to the resting zone, the food court enhances the experience even more. The food court is a good business as well as it helps the shoppers to hand out with their friends and family while shopping, making it a win-win situation for both the parties.

Beverages at Suning Jiu Food Court
[Reviewtech: Beverages at Suning Jiwu Food Court]
India is also popular for being a huge market and it is also very consumer focused with the growing middle income families. The country is seeing a shift in its shopping patterns in a similar fashion that China witnessed a decade ago. This means that there is huge potential for Jiwu like stores in India to pop up in the future. Currently there are shopping malls which offer similar products and services but they are not under any one brand. Moreover, the services are not youth focused always and even the variety of products are limited. This opens up a new area for growth in the huge Indian market that is open to accept newer forms of businesses and brands from all over the world unlike many other countries.

-Soumya De

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