Suning chosen by the Chinese Premier instead of Alibaba or JingDong

On November 30th, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang inspected a Chinese e-commerce giant, Suning Group.

And why is Suning, one of China’s three e-commerce titans, be chosen?

Suning has risen steadily in recent years and actively promoted farmers’ income, said an insider. As an advocate of China’s intelligent retail, Suning has played a very positive role in promoting China’s commercial retail.

“Your magic lies in, have the ability of the Monkey King, it can not only speed across the cloud but also penetrate into the hearts of consumers. Suning will surely have great development,” said Li Keqiang on the day of visiting the headquarters of Suning Group.

That’s the largest affirmation to Suning business mode, also affirmed by former Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao nine years ago.

Two Premiers’visit to Suning Group indicates that Suning has received the recognition of top national leaders. Unlike some companies, Suning’s style is pragmatic and low-key, and their CEO is not very good at making statements in front of the media, which also makes it a success.

As the first home appliance retailer, and the pioneer and practitioner of Intelligent Retail in China, its O2O mode has successfully led China’s retail industry to a new trend.

Premier Li Keqiang’s inspection to Suning Group reveals two signals that affirm the leading force of Suning Intelligent Retail to China’s retail reform, as well as Suning’s efforts to alleviate poverty and benefit farmers and revitalize rural economy.

Suning’s Intelligent Retail mode is becoming a new leading force as pure e-commerce has now reached the “glass ceiling”. Only by means of multi-format and multi-scene interaction can consumers have a strong sense of participation, which is also the weight for the continuous growth of the retail industry.

The core of Suning Intelligent Retail is to focus on the development of scenario Internet and take retail stores as the infrastructure of people’s life services. In the past, e-commerce took commodities and the Internet as the carrier and core, but how different Suning Intelligent Retail lies that it lays out retail outlets with people as the core and puts consumer demand in the first place.

By virtue of Internet technology, voice recognition technology, interactive technology, smart home equipment, and the interactive experience, to meet the needs of consumers at different levels. The layout of multi-format intelligent retail will be an irreversible trend of China’s commercial retail.

(On November 9th, the 10,000th Suning.com store was opened in Changzhou, Jiangsu province.)

While practicing Intelligent Retail, Suning actively feeds back the countryside. Through e-commerce to take targeted measures in poverty alleviation and open up the channel between the upward movement of agricultural products and the downward movement of industrial products, which plays a positive role in the invigorating rural economy, helping farmers sell cash crops and increasing incomes.

Different from other enterprises in poverty alleviation, Suning relies on the advantages of intelligent retail mode to help farmers improve the “hematopoietic” function more than “blood transfusion” function.

All Kinds of Suning’s stores throughout the country including direct-sale stores, poverty alleviation training stores, county and town stores, as well as rural Cloud Logistics and Suning Retail Cloud, have truly achieved the docking with rural logistics and finance, and the real integration of online and offline. In recent years, Suning has assisted more than 6 billion agricultural products through all channels, benefiting more than 2 million farmers, and the poverty alleviation service has benefited more than 15 million farmers.

This year’s Double 11 shopping carnival is once again a test tone for testing Suning Intelligent Retail. Data shows that Suning’s full-channel sales, during Double 11 shopping carnival, increased by 132 percent year-on-year ;the number of retail cloud stores reached 1,666, with the sales surged 3308% compared with the same period last year; 2,400 Suning.com direct-sale stores were opened, with the sales increased by 84% year-on-year; orders of Suning Shop exploded 10 times month-on-month; the integrate purchase orders exceeded 80 million.

Two Premiers’visit to Suning Group is an affirmation to Suning Intelligent Retail mode, and also a sample for China’s retailing reform.

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