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A day out on Sunday would either start with a movie or end with one, this was a normal weekend a few years ago. There were people planning to go to the movies, while there were people waiting for certain movies to be released and couldn’t wait to watch them in the movie theatres. There is still a buzz regarding some movies but not all people want to visit the theatres and watch movies. Nowadays, a weekend is spent on the couch while streaming movies.

It has certainly gone out of fashion to go to the movies as they are available to us on the internet. There are people who would love to watch movies alone than in a group of 100 people and pay for it. Yes, one has to pay for the streaming service but you can enjoy hundreds of hours of content for only so much money. There are discussions taking place amongst directors where they are finding it hard to comprehend the current scenario.

There were multiple surveys carried out by Velocity MR, a company that does thorough market research. One of those surveys revealed that Amazon Prime is the most watched streaming service in India in February. The other survey revealed that almost 80% of the people would love to stream a movie rather than go to a movie theatre.

The survey tested over 2000 samples which helped them understand the mentality of the content consumers. “Majority of 80% say that they would either opt for a lesser number of channels or switch to online streaming platforms or OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime,” said a statement released by Velocity MR.

There is also a significant decrease in Television viewership as well. This is because people would love to watch lesser channels rather than subscribe to all the channels or they would subscribe to Netflix or Amazon Prime which would help them a great deal. “The opinion on the new TRAI rules weighs slightly more to the positive side as more than 50% say that it allows them to choose the channels that they want to watch and hence the cost per channel is not an issue,” MD of Velocity, Jasal Shah told ET.

Shah was of the opinion that Netflix, Prime, and Hotstar are streaming services which could attract more and more users in the future and this is because of the subscription bills that are growing by the day. “Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and other such streaming services may be the inadvertent beneficiaries, as the move may bring in more subscribers to the OTT platforms, as the viewers could shift due to the rising subscription bills,” he added.

-Unmesh Phule

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