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Spotlight on Huawei brightens as EU to be cautious about the Chinese giants

When it came to Chinese tech products in the past, it was probably termed as ‘not good’ or of ‘cheapquality’ and many more things. This image which was stuck with China and their tech products which have washed away with time. However, one company which was a party to such reviews was Huawei. A Chinese giant which is one of the most sought-after brands in the current era was not so good a while back.

Huawei was launched back in 1987. It was launched as a telecommunication equipment brand which made communication equipment and sold all around the world. This is what made Huawei a huge giant in China though it was not a household name. It sold its equipment in all corners of the world, from the United States to Europe and also in Australia.

However, Huawei, apart from having tons of other businesses entered the phone business in 2003. They made their first phone 15 years back and yet were unknown to most of the world until a couple of years ago. The main reason for this is, Huawei made phones that were anything but exquisite. They were really not good in any department of making a phone.

That has drastically changed in recent times. The company, despite losing a lot of money in its smartphone business was not hurt financially. It had all the money in the world and it was just a huge investment away from glory. If you look around now you might understand how they have changed their ‘zero quality’ image to be amongst the big boys in this industry.

In August 2018, Huawei achieved something unbelievable. They become the second most smartphone selling brand in the entire world. They snatched that place from a giant named Apple. The USA based company was toppled by an ambitious Chinese company as they sold 54.2 million smartphones compared to Apple’s 41.3 million.

Samsung and Apple were taken apart by Huawei after seven long years. And by the looks of it, it might also overtake Samsung to the first spot. However, there have been certain problems that have come in their way. Recently, the government of the United States of America has taken a harsh decision of banning all the Huawei devices for all the government officials. They have also banned them from bidding for any of the government contracts.

After such a setback, there was another opportunity gone by for the Chinese company. Australian government banned Huawei from bringing in 5G technology in the down under.  This comes after the wave of news flashes saying that Chinese tech companies have to cooperate with Chinese intelligence. This is also the reason why the USA performed the abolishment. Australia has taken the same route and Huawei with other Chinese companies have had to take the door this time.

After the banning in two major countries, the European Union’s technology commissioner was concerned about Huawei’s invasion in Europe. Recently, Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer was arrested in Canada for misleading banks about their control over in Iran. This has got the whole world’s eyes on Huawei. However, Andrus Ansip is worried about the company’s age-old ties with the Chinese government.

This is the reason why every western nation is taking a step back when it comes to Huawei investing or entering a country in Europe. He also warned the ordinary people as the Chinese company might be spying and sending the data to Beijing. All in all, the whole world is watching Huawei but for the reasons, they do not desire. 

– Unmesh Phule

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