Spotify to take down 100,000 songs from its library because of copyright issues

Spotify hits the Indian market

Spotify entered India with a bang. It was up to 1 million downloads within a flash. People were using Spotify in India before that as well but it was not official, however, the Indian people are overwhelmed and so is Spotify. The company is trying to wrap its head around the number of downloads and the traffic with all the songs and newer features being explored by the people using Spotify. However, there are people who have not liked the app because of the ads and the paid version is a bit on the expensive side.

That being said, Spotify has entered into its first beef in India. The company has been fighting over 1 lakh songs and might have to remove them all. The reason for this is Saregama has filed a copyright infringement case against Spotify for using its songs without permission. The RP Sanjiv Goenka owned company filed the case in the Delhi High Court. The Swedish company has already started delisting the Saregama owned songs. It has already delisted 3 thousand songs, however, delisting 100 thousand songs is a task.

Moving on, the company will have to remove a huge number of songs which might put a hole in the music streaming apps library. Although it has a plethora of playlists and Bollywood songs, suddenly removing all those songs which might be in playlists of certain users is hard to cope with. To remove these songs, it will take around ten days and the Delhi High Court has warned the Swedish application and has asked to take down the current songs in that given timeline.

The ruling was because there was no agreement between Saregama and Spotify. A deal could not be reached and this was the reason the music streaming application had to remove the songs from its library.

Saregama had given permission to use the songs made by them and the number was 100 thousand. The company had agreed to discuss a deal after the India launch. However, a deal was not to happen and the company had to deal with Spotify using their songs even then. Hence the court case and the ruling of the court.

A person aware of the matter said, “However, as Spotify was continuously using the works of Saregama on its online platform, it filed the present suit to restrain Spotify from using/exploiting the work of Saregama.”

Spotify has been taken to the Bombay High Court by Warner/Chappel music for a similar reason. However, there is a possibility of a deal there. However, Spotify has been asked by the court to deposit around INR 6.5 Cr with the court and keep a check on the revenue generated through Warner music streams.

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