Space tourism is the future as Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin tastes success

A rocket launching into space

Space is synonymous to curiosity. It is said that we don’t know absolutely anything about space and the vastness of it. The world for us is earth and the world for us absolutely ends then and there, however, that is not it. There are many worlds out there which are not yet explored and space is the path to those worlds. That said, space is where the human’s need to march.

There are many international organizations which work on reaching farther distances in space. There are robots on mars at this moment studying the weather and the harshness of it. However, there are private companies working toward space tourism. So if you are planning your Europe trip this year, you are not that special because there will be people traveling to space just for the sake of traveling. This is possible within a year from now. Yes, you read that right.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, a company that was started a couple of decades ago has tested its New Shepard for the tenth time. It was successful and Blue Origin was on cloud 9 after their test flight and that can be said in the literal sense as well. They tested their New Shepard, which is named after Alan Shepard who was the first man in space. The rocket that went into space carried eight of NASA’s research equipment as well.

NASA pays these commercial companies for carrying their equipment and they demonstrate their technology. They do this to gather data which helps them in their projects. Blue Origin’s New Shepard had eight such payloads on them which would gather data on vibration experience while traveling and a lot more things.

That said, New Shepard is going to take humans into space and this is a tourist program for which people will pay. The rocket will have capsules which will carry humans and the capsules will have huge windows so that the people in it would be able to see earth the way only astronauts see it.

However, Blue Origin is not the only company working on Space Tourism. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is a mile ahead of Bezos’ Blue Origin. They recently tested their flight as their pilots became the company’s first ever astronauts to travel to the edge of space. Virgin Galactic flight reached 83 kilometers in height. The company has around 600 people in the waiting list who want to travel to space. The ticket to the space or the edge of space as many call it will be around $250,000.

Blue Origin is yet to sell start selling tickets. It is waiting for their first human flights. The most rewarded organization because of the commercialization of space travel is NASA. It most of the times tests their experiments and gathers data through these test flights.

-Unmesh Phule

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