South Korean AI Startup Aizen Bags $4.2 Million

Aizen, a fintech-focused AI company based in South Korea, announced that it has raised US$4.2 million in a Series B funding round led by SEMA Translink Investment, a venture capital firm that has also backed local online grocer Kurly. Korea Growth Investment, a fund-of-funds investment firm, also participated in the round.

The latest investment brings its total capital raised to US$9 million, including US$2 million in research and development grants and a previous funding round from Woori Bank, according to the startup.

AIZEN provides core AI engine ABACUS, with business-focused AI applications across key value chains in Finance. ABACUS is an automated AI/ML decision-making platform specialized in core value chains (product development, marketing, risk management, etc.) in Banking and Insurance.

It combines and converts data (from banks, insurance, e-commerce, telco, etc.) into finance-oriented ‘credit’ data. Financial institutions can dynamically build, monitor, and update thousands of predictive models in a single platform. (Named in Gartner Cool Vendor in AI for Fintech)

At the same time, AIZEN connects Retail Banking and Capital Market for new AI fixed income asset class for global institutional investors (e.g. pension fund, sovereign wealth fund, etc). AIZEN acquired a well-regulated deposit-taking institution and an asset management company to further accelerate digital transformation and build a new investment banking.

The company will use the new funds to expand internationally and roll out its AI banking-as-a-service product throughout Southeast Asia.

The new service is designed to allow companies to launch banking services faster, boost customer retention, and diversify their revenue streams through its APIs. It can also help banks reach more customers without high marketing and IT costs, Aizen said.

Founded in 2016, the company uses AI to automate the decision-making processes in banking, retail payment, and insurance. With its proprietary automated machine learning platform called Abacus, it offers several AI-powered solutions primarily for the financial services sector.

For example, its Credit to Map technology integrates several sources of data, such as e-commerce sites or e-wallets, and convert them into credit information (i.e., a person’s ability to pay, willingness to pay, etc.). The data will then be used to automate decision-making processes in the entire credit life cycle from planning and risk assessment to collection.

The startup said its mission is to redesign digital banking with automated machine learning technology. Its users include financial institutions such as Woori Bank, Hyundai Card, and Samsung Marine and Fire Insurance, according to a statement. Aizen was part of the first batch of the Plug and Play Fintech accelerator for the Asia Pacific.

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