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Soon your home could have a new OnePlus device and that won’t be a smartphone

OnePlus earned its reputation as the Flagship Killer for a reason. This is because they have constantly delivered premium products at not so premium prices. The brand that totally disrupted the premium segment of smartphones in some of the largest markets in the world is about to enter a new domain. Pete Lau, CEO OnePlus, has announced the launch of OnePlus smart TV in September.

In an interview with the Economic Times in Hawaii, he said that it will be launched first in India but it will not be in 2019. During their September revelation, it was mentioned that they will be launching the devices in 2019 but Pete claims that they are trying to get the software up to the optimum level and integration with the hardware should be seamless. Their current focus in on the 5G technology embedded smartphones, which they cannot bring in India until 2020. This way, their aim to make a perfect smart TV will be achieved. TeleVision is the home appliance that is the fastest in terms of adapting to the IoT ecosystem and integrating the Internet-based technologies within itself.

Pete wants to produce something different from the loads of products that are already available in the market and he also revealed that they will be up to the expectations. This means that the smart TVs will be flagship killers just like their smartphones. Global giants such as Samsung, LG and Sony will be keeping a tab on this development as they are the ones leading the smart TV industry across the globe. However smaller or newer players in the emerging markets such as Xiaomi, Thompson and Panasonic will also have to up their game as currently they are performing well and their performance might get affected by that of the sleeping giant of the smart TV industry, OnePlus.

Some of the older players are trying to gain their mojo back such as Indian companies BPL and Onida and Dutch company Phillips. German consumer electronics player Blaupunkt said that they will invest around $300 million in India to grab hold of the smart TV market share.

On their official website in September, OnePlus urged the users to name the smart TV that they plan to launch in 2020. This is a unique method to increase customer engagement. People who are filled in the names of the product feel a connection on a personal level. The top 10 finalists will get a pair of OnePlus Type C Bullet earphones. There is also a provision for a grand prize for OnePus China only. The grand winner will get the first ever OnePlus smart TV and a free trip to the OnePlus smart TV launch event (airfares and hotel stay included).

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