Sony Showcases The New PlayStation 5 User Interface

Sony has showcased the PlayStation 5 UI through a video on its official YouTube channel. It is quite different from the PlayStation UI on the previous consoles and the video shows off the ‘Control Center’ that can be accessed at any time by pressing the PS button on the controller, as well as other areas like the home screen and the new Cards feature. There is a row of cards in the Control Center that show things like news, recent screenshot, game progress, and more.

The new UI is a big change for Sony, offering a complete overhaul of the rather spartan menus that the PlayStation 4 offered. Similar to the PlayStation 4, Sony will offer a row of installed or available games (or streaming apps, in a separate tab) that shows off the various games, each with its own hub.

Scrolling down with that game hub will show more specific activities and game modes that can be launched directly from the home screen, along with other news and clips from the title. Sony says that some backward compatible PS4 games will offer similar functionality, too.

The video posted on Sony’s official PlayStation channel on YouTube is a walkthrough of the new UI that players will get to experience when the PlayStation 5 launches on November 12 for some regions and then November 19 for the rest of the world. The 11-minute clip starts with the console resuming from its ‘sleep’ state, going straight to where the user left off. It shows the ‘Control Center’ with the card layout and other options at the bottom. These options allow immediate access to things like going back to the home screen, checking notifications, friends who may be online, settings, and much more.

The new UI also allows players to check out what their friends are playing and even watch their gameplay. It is also easier to join a party and start a multiplayer game. Screenshots and video can be captured in up to 4K resolution on the PlayStation 5.

Next, the PlayStation 5 UI walkthrough shows off the home screen that has “simple and superfast access to what you need.” Games and media apps have their independent tabs. Each game will have a hub with more information on that particular game. Backward compatible PlayStation 4 games will also be able to make use of this feature. The PlayStation Store has been integrated into the system and is not an app anymore. More information on the UI will be shared in the coming weeks.

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