Sony Reveals Price For PlayStation 5, Dates and Details

Sony has officially revealed the price of the upcoming PlayStation 5. Starting on November 12, PS5 will be available in seven key markets. This includes the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. The global rollout will continue on November 19 with launches throughout the rest of the world including Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and South Africa, Sony said.

The price of the upcoming PlayStation 5 was announced yesterday and it starts at $499. The digital edition will cost $399. The company will provide choice to gamers with two PS5 console options at launch, depending on if the consumers want a digital-only experience or prefer disc-based gaming.

As previously reported, pre-ordering a Playstation 5 will be limited to one per household, even though the company revealed that it would double its production of units to around 10 million for the year. Sony opened pre-orders to select players at the end of August. Sony gave invitations to players based on their “previous interest and PlayStation activities.”

The main difference between the PS5 and the PS5 digital edition is that you can physically put games into one while you can only digitally download games in the other. Both of the consoles are white and black and can be used vertically or horizontally.

During Wednesday’s PS5 event, Sony also announced a slew of new games that will be available to play on the new console, including a few games that are exclusive to Playstation 5. Final Fantasy XVI and Deathloop will both be exclusive to the PS5 when they launch next year.

Other games announced during the event include Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, which launches the same day as the PS5; Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which will both be available this holiday season; Resident Evil VIII and Hogwarts Legacy, which will be available in 2021; and Oddworld Soulstorm, which does not have a release date yet.

For PlayStation Plus members, Sony will have a special new offering on PS5 – the PlayStation Plus Collection. PS5 owners with PS Plus will be able to download and play a curated library of PS4 games like Batman Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, and many more. The PS Plus Collection will be an added benefit to the existing PS4 benefits that PS Plus members receive for a single subscription price.

PS5 pre-orders were available from a range of retailers today, but with the overwhelming response to Sony’s next-gen console, many are now out of stock at the time of writing. You’ll want to stick around if you’re unlucky here because we’ve seen retailers replenish their inventory throughout the day – meaning all is not lost. With stock shifting almost minute to minute, you’ll need to keep refreshing these feeds if nothing is available at first glance.

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