Softbank’s Son has his eyes set on the mobility sector as he looks to cash in

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Softbank has deep pockets, foresight, and a leader on a mission. This combination is hard to find in a company that invests money in other companies. That said, Softbank is a company which has money in abundance and eyes of a hawk. They spot a good business from miles away and have investments in almost all the leading startups in and around Asia. That being said, Softbank has a major investment interest in the field of mobility, the company and Masayoshi Son has a special eye for the same.

The company thinks that mobility is a market which is going to shoot up to a point where it is going to be unreachable. The industry is predicted to become a $3 trillion industry and Son wants a big bite out of that industry. The company has invested around $60 billion in almost 40 companies around the world. The startups in which the company has invested range from everything to ride-hailing to self-driving to robot-delivery. Transportation is the main aim if we look at Softbank.

That being said, the company started out with Toyota, a homegrown company which talked to Son for a possible partnership. Son accepted and this made a start of a partnership between one of the biggest automakers in the world and the biggest investment firm in the world. Softbank and Toyota are in talks to lead a $1 billion investment in Uber’s self-driving project. Now, the reason Toyota is investing with Softbank is because of the ‘family’ nature of Softbank.

Now, the companies in which Softbank invests fall under certain families. That is, if a Softbank invests in different ideas for transportation then all those companies fall under the family of transportation. Now, Softbank takes care of its family as a family, these companies under one family help each other out and enter into business with each other like a family. That is, a self-driving startup might help a leading company to start its own wing for the same.

This is how Toyota will benefit, it has 40 companies to choose from and partner with. This is how the company is going forward and is successful with its investment. It takes care of the companies it invests in and allows it to grow under its wing. This is the secret behind Softbank’s numerous successes. This is where Softbank might win.

That being said, Son has his eyes set on the prize of transportation and mobility sector. This is because of the money being poured into it and innovations being carried out. It will be interesting to see how the company will fare in the future with its partnership with Toyota and investments in companies like Uber.

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