Softbank Opening Vision Fund 2 with $108 billion

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Softbank is one of the largest names in the field of investments in the technology world. The Japan-based bank is quite popular for its investment arm called the Vision Fund. This $100 billion-plus fund is huge and carries out investments all over the world. However, they are also famous for making some of the riskiest investments too. However, the investments have reaped some amazing returns to date. for instance, Vision fund’s investments have reaped around $3.92 billion realised whereas a massive $12.5 billion unrealised gains from its investments in Uber, Oyo and other portfolio companies. 

Having said that, the company is opening up a new fund, Vision Fund 2. This is going to be a $108 billion fund to carry out some more investments. Softbank’s founder Masayoshi Son is set to contribute around $15 billion out of the $20 billion employee fund. It has been Softbank’s past practice as well to lend money to its employees to invest in the fund. According to Inc42, the loan will better align its managers’ interests with that of the fund. 

The investors in the new Vision Fund include tech giants such as Microsoft and Apple, banks such as National Bank of Kazakhstan and Standard Chartered and other previous investors in the Vision fund such as the funds of Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. These investors bring a lot of money as well as experience to the table when it comes to investing especially in the technology field. Softbank will certainly benefit from the association. 

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Softbank vision fund is the Indian startup scene. Many of the Indian startups have raised huge amounts from the fund and have performed really well. Considering the current situation in the Indian market, the new Vision Fund is also expected to make more such investments in the future, helping the Indian startups grow and compete globally. 

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