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Social media services will be bought via a standard set by the government

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Social media is on the rise and there is nothing you can do about it. Everybody is in need of validation on social media. There are people altering lifestyles to just fit in the narrow view of social media platforms. The two-dimensional platform where emotions are left out of context and everything is hunky dory is not the place to seek validation.

However, there are things which social media is best at. Things like sharing news like a wildfire or making sure a voice are heard amongst all the chaos in the world. This is where social media does good work apart from putting social pressure on people who are ‘not enjoying’ their lives. That being said, even the governments of huge democracies feel the need to seek validation from its people, which is necessary, to be honest. However, that is not the motive of the governments to have social media accounts, it is mostly to get closer to the people.

Point being, the Indian government is going to put certain criteria for companies to consult the government for their social media post. Currently, the governments give their social media handling work to third-party companies with credibility. To evade the same, the Indian government is trying to get some criteria in and have some people who can do it on a regular basis. This means that the government will buy social media services like movie clips and then posting them on various platforms.

The criteria are not set yet, however, the preliminaries are in place. An official who wanted to stay anonymous talked to ET about the same. He said, “We are evolving benchmarks for buying social media services like making movie clips and posting them on various social media platforms. These are at a preliminary stage. No such standards exist today due to which the users (government departments) go for third-party agencies.”

The government is trying to get key instructions and points from various organizations as there are no standards that give a detailed outline for this. The official talked about this as well, he said, “We are trying to get the requirements from various government agencies to develop a standard process and key performance indicators which they want to be measured, such as the number of likes and shares.” Government e-Marketplace, (GeM) is the one looking after this.

The point being made, the government will soon have a standard on which it will pay the hired execs for the social media work.

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