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Smartphones to not stagnate in India as researchers expect Jio to take 2019 by storm

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India is a country with huge potential. The main reason for this is the population of the country. It is the weakness and the strength of the country. However, the majority of the population in India is the working population and youngsters, this is what the government emphasizes on and this is what the foreign firms look at. That said, technology is on the rise in India and given the majority of the population belongs to youngsters that is not going to change.

Smartphone markets all over the world have become stagnant. There is nothing new in smartphones at the moment as well. The countries such as USA, China, Australia, and other developed countries have had stagnant growth in the smartphone business as the majority of their users are already owning a smartphone and have little to nothing that excites them.

However, that is not the case in India. India is a country that belongs to people who are not brand-sensitive but are price-sensitive that come along with brands. And this has given the business owners new avenues to work in. While the other world is kind of bored with smartphones, India is all excited and is welcoming everything which falls under Smartphones. It loves the tech so much so that it has become the second largest smartphone market in the world behind China.

That said, it has room to improve even now. This is because there are around 500 million feature phone users in this country. To look at it in a different way, there are 500 million possible smartphone users in this country, and that makes it even more eye-popping for many smartphone makers. The numbers, if we look at, are actually staggering. In 2017, there were about 134 million smartphones shipped to India that number grew by 12% in 2018 and reached 150 million units. This number, according to Counterpoint research, is going to increase further to 160 million units in 2019.

However, the researchers are aware of the Jio wave as well. As Jio has partnered with Flex and is going to address the 500 million feature phone users. Tarun Pathak, assistant director of Counterpoint was of the same opinion as he is also aware of Jio’s revolution. That said, the number can increase as those were just the shipments coming in India, the locally manufactured smartphones would be on a different level.

Xiaomi and Samsung currently manage to share over half of the smartphone market in India and Jio’s entry might turn out to be a game changer. That said, India’s year on growth is at 12% and their selling percentage declined for the first time but the researchers are banking on Jio wave to act as a catalyst and take India back on track. Even though there is a lot of room for improvement in the smartphone sector, feature phones in India will continue to grow by 18% as 4G feature phones will increase to grow to 70 million units according to CMR.

– Unmesh Phule

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