Smartphones can actually prove to be a better partner for professional photographers instead of DSLRs

Photography has been on a rise since the inception of social media and it has been fuelled by the advent of smartphones with better camera quality. It has been noticed that smartphone manufacturers are focusing on better imaging qualities in smartphones.

The smartphone has become the preferred choice for photography over a DSLR camera for various reasons. It is also seen that professionals who work in difficult situations like a war zone, an epidemic hit region or places hit by natural calamities and so on tend to prefer good quality smartphone cameras over DSLRs. A smartphone gives them the ability to be sneaky, quick, hassle-free and instant connectivity via the internet.

The smartphone revolution has put pressure on the camera manufacturing companies such as Canon to focus on the high-end camera. The reason is that the high-end photography equipment cannot be replaced by the smartphone cameras at least in the foreseeable future.

The high-end camera and equipment are needed by professional photographers for numerous occasions and hence, the Japanese camera manufacturing giant Canon continues to manufacture top quality cameras, lenses and other related equipment. Their aim is to capture the niche market where the photographers cannot opt for a smartphone over a premium DSLR as the smartphone cannot do the job required.

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