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Smartphone Sale On Rise, Samsung And Xiaomi Holds Lion’s Share

A new report from the IDC (International Data Corporation) brings the market share of various smartphone manufacturers. It suggests that Realme‘s market share has plunged whilst Xiaomi and Samsung still maintain growth after the festive season’s sale.

Xiaomi and Samsung increased their respective market shares after the festive season from September till November 2019, while BBK Electronics-led Realme became the only brand that lost significant market share for the same period, according to IDC data.

For Xiaomi, the timing was good with the Redmi Note 8 series launch, followed by price cuts which helped the brand. “While the brand has grown after the festive season because they are spread across channels and came up with offers across offline and online channels,” she said.

Samsung too saw a similar slight increase in market share like Xiaomi. The South Korean tech giant went from a 16.19 percent market share in September to 19.85 percent in October and 21.08 percent in November, during 2019. Notably, its online market share saw a sizable rise as well, from 10.3 percent in September to 18.77 percent in November. Reportedly, the launch of the Galaxy M30 was accredited for Samsung’s growth in the online category.

Realme’s shipments peaked in September — the festive month — with 16.74% market share, but declined drastically in November and December with 9.3% and 8.23% market share, respectively, IDC data showed. Upasana Joshi, associate research manager, client devices, IDC said that most of the online buying took place around the festive season, which is why Realme being an online-heavy brand saw a jump in September. “Realme’s 80% sales still come from the online channel,” she said.

IDC is known for providing data statistics for various different categories in various different industries. In its recent report, it details the market share of smartphone OEMs.

Moreover, according to London-based market research firm Technavio, the consumer’s shift to online purchases will have a positive impact on the market and contribute to its growth significantly over the forecast period.

“Online smartphone sales contributed to around 50 percent of the total sales in India as of April 2019 because many major e-commerce vendors such as Amazon and Flipkart are promoting multiple brands of smartphones,” said the report.

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