Smart watch made by redddit user from scrap

As the world is conquering horizons at the speed of a bullet train, which is miraculously fueled by technology and the internet, people from all over the world are always up to some ingenious creations. What makes these innovations special is the fact that they are created from scrap, eco-friendly and cost-effective materials. Simple yet genius innovations such as USB charging batteries, butter sticks or reusable candles are some of the prime examples of eco-friendly products. Among these interesting and super cool DIY projects, one of the best is a smartwatch built by a Reddit user from scratch that caught everyone’s attention. It has been praised by many in the tech industry.

Samson March who goes by Redditor ‘smarchbme’, an electrical engineer and product designer, precisely explained the whole project and shared the data down to its minuscule detail. The round shaped attractive watch now known as ‘SMARCH WATCH’ displays time when we raise our wrist and gives colour-coded notifications from the phone including email and calendar. He assembled the materials as cheaply as possible with the final price amounting to $50 and was humble enough to provide us with the list of materials.

The main features of this ‘smarch watch’ that makes it stand out against all the others are:

  • The body of the watch is made from woodfill PLA (polymerized lactic acid) that is printed by him at home. It gives the watch vintage and stylish look.
  • It has a battery that never overcharges, under charges or short circuits.
  • An extra sensor built into measure in which direction the watch is pointing in order to turn on the screen when it is facing you.
  • A pretty sharp LCD Display that connects different pixel dots to make a clear picture.
  • Additional memory on the circuit board so that the watch can store backgrounds, contacts.

To add more benefit and bonus, Samson also created a charging cradle that contains a micro USB plug which charges the battery whenever needed via magnetic stripe.

Since nothing in the universe is perfect, this watch has some issues as stated by March himself, such as it is not built waterproof, and the woodfill encasing needs a lot of extra grinding work because the housing doesn’t come out in the immaculate condition. It also appears that the watch only works with iOS devices for now. But it is indeed a great creation and worthy of admiration.

Samson has more designing projects and plans that are set to become a reality in the near future. He is also thinking about mass-producing the ‘smarch watch’ once it is desirable and convenient. For now, since the information and process to build this smartwatch is open to all on Reddit, anyone willing to create or even improvise their own smartwatch is free to do so.

-Dolly Dholakia

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