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Smart Home might turn from your dream house to a nightmare

Smart Homes sound so much cooler and funkier when you just think of it. It can be the house of your dreams but then it can be the house of your nightmares also. Yes, one might think I have watched a lot of Black Mirror lately but it is true not that I have watched a lot of Black Mirror but that technology is interfering our lives. There are gadgets out there which are powering your house with some cool technology and then there are gadgets which are totally over the top and there is no need for them to actually exist.

It is such a blessing to have your own assistant and all she does is listen and never complain. Alexa is a brilliant thing to have, she literally makes our lives a lot easier. Then there are other smart devices like a doorbell camera which really helps from a security point of view. That said, there is a product which Panasonic recently showcased known as HomeHawk Floor. It is basically a lamp with a camera which has a 140-degree wide lens. You can find this HomeHawk Floor on sale on Indiegogo.com. The fact that this lamp comes in different sizes and shapes is another amazing thing not necessarily in a good way.

The HomeHawk Floor will spy on your house and will record everything. Now, this is creepy. Imagine finding this kind of a lamp in your hotel room and it will suddenly turn into a nightmare stay. There are many such things which are extremely over the top. Internet of things is being integrated into every single thing nowadays. That is the reason Smart Homes are becoming more like haunted houses and dream houses are becoming real nightmares. As mentioned before, technology is good but too much technology is never good.

That said, there are even more gadgets like these. Recently, the company Ring was accused of allowing its employees to see the recordings from all of its security cameras. The company has denied it and came out with one of the best tech gadgets. The peephole on your door is now a camera and will record everything. This is such an ingenious way to protect your house, however, again a peephole is now gone and a camera has taken its place.

This brings me to question everything now. It is really hard to trust anything when you have cameras all around you. It creates an environment which is hazardous to everyone. There need to be regulations for such a thing. There needs to be a committee making sure that people would know if they are being watched and it should be with the consent of the people. If this does not happen then it will not be long until the whole world becomes a surveillance state.

-Unmesh Phule

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