Smart Home Appliances Are The Most Vulnerable Devices In Your House

Security is something everyone needs and that is why we have houses, doors, gates, fences and all of that. However, today, the word security has got a different meaning altogether. Everything has changed as the security has got multiple layers to itself. There is not just security from the physical threats but security from online burglars who possess a threat equivalent to any other. There are cases of people losing all their email ids and personal information because of these online assassins.

There is always news of spyware or a hack going on all around the world on one or the other app which has over a billion people. Recently spyware could have closed down on more than 1.2 billion people on WhatsApp all over the world. There is no end to this there is always going to be a fight between the hackers and the service providers. This is just going to be a way of learning through experiences. The way we learned over the years to have fences, doors, peepholes, and locks, we will learn to have better firewalls and security around us.

This is a process that will take years and years to perfect. No matter how good and costly the lock is, there is always a locksmith that knows how to get past it. It is pretty obvious that this applies to every kind of security that is provided, there is going to be a key to it and there is always going to be someone who is going to attack the security.

There is another scenario here where people have locks in place but they do not use it. This, in today’s world, can be looked upon as people have the necessary updates or security patches waiting to be installed but they just ignore. This is where the people need to understand that security updates are as important as locking the front door and closing all the windows at night.

Every smart device is a threat

There are smart coffee machines, smart TVs and smart everything. All of these devices are a threat to you in every way possible. There is a simple reason to this when you have a coffee machine in your house, it is connected to your network or a Wi-Fi router which is in turn connected to your phone and other devices.

A hacker, wanting to get hold of your network, has to go through a lot of firewalls and security when he is hacking through your phone or a computer but when it comes to smart devices, there is no such protection. The hackers are right away inside your network and once they are, it is as easy as twisting a knob to access all the connected devices.

This is pointed out by Vince Steckler, Chief Executive Officer of the security company Avast. He talks relentlessly about how the current smart devices fail to live up to the security norms and are a threat to the users’ information. Steckler also talked about how he doesn’t use WhatsApp because he doesn’t trust Facebook and its privacy laws.

“Coffee machines are not designed for security. TVs are not designed for security. What they are is additional vectors to get into your network. And you can’t protect them. There’s not going to be Avast [protection software] for Nespresso.

“How many people ask permission of family and friends before they share details with WhatsApp? Everyone thinks privacy is really important but most people’s behavior is not that way. You willingly share information with Facebook, you willingly let Google know everyone about you because the value that you think you’re getting in exchange is worth giving up your privacy or your friends’ privacy,” he added.

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