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Smart Home Appliances Are Creepy Say The Users

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Privacy has been a major problem in recent years. There are companies which have been banned, taken to court and fined for misconduct. People are finding it hard to understand what is spying on them and what is not. Their information is everywhere and companies are tracking every move of the users on the internet. This is making people anxious and some of them are even going through mental torture because of this.

The word privacy has a very specific meaning and not only the internet, but there are also devices in our houses nowadays which are not so secure. There are cameras everywhere, even in refrigerators. It is hard for us to comprehend but there are surveys connected where people are talking about being scared and not trusting the devices with their data. That being said, today we are going to look at such surveys which were carried out to understand the mindset of the people in this age of smart devices and smart homes.

The haunting house of smart devices

There are a lot of things one needs to consider when it comes to understanding the word privacy. People talk about being private on the internet but they forget that they have a lot of things in their houses which are spying on them. Amazon, Google, Facebook are the companies which have constantly entered the user’s private space.

Amazon has devices such as Echo and Alexa or Google’s Home Hub which have cameras and people have them in their homes because it is efficient. Other than that, people fearing the same devices they want to use and love. That being said, there was a survey conducted by Consumers International and the Internet Society. This survey was conducted to see how many people don’t feel safe with connected devices.

The survey shone a light on some very specific problems this industry has. Nearly 70% of the survey takers said that they have a connected device in their homes which includes smart home appliances, fitness monitors, and gaming consoles. 75% do not trust the devices they have at home and people find the connected devices to be creepy.

The connection conundrum

The problem here is people do not love the products from the outset and have a lot of questions about privacy. However, they want to use them because it eases a lot of things at home. The ease of access to the internet is what makes these devices popular. And that is the reason they are wanted so much by the people.

That being said, there needs to be some kind of regulations on this thing which will be helpful for all the users. These regulations will make sure that people do not have a lot of queries and worries alike.

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