Single’s Day or the Double 11 brings along with it the largest shopping spree in China

The Double 11 has arrived in China and this is the time of the year when the Chinese people shop like there is no tomorrow. Suning is one of the largest e-commerce giants in China and they have set off a shopping spree in China today.

Suning is snapping up customers because of their affordable prices and great offers. Some families are out and having fun amidst the festive like time in China. China’s Double 11 is the equivalent of Black Friday in the United States and it generates a great deal of enthusiasm for shopping among consumers.

The e-commerce giants in China generally break all the sale records in just one day on the 11th of November. The huge amount of offers and discounts given by the e-commerce websites attract numerous customers to leave the brick and mortar store and shop online instead.

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