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Signing with NBA China, Changhong’s trends worth paying attention to


‘The world is yours and ours, but in the end, it is still of your young generation.’ Therefore, companies must also keep up with the young rhythm of the market’s gradual rejuvenation, in order to achieve more ambitions without going out of tune.

The competition of home appliance enterprises is intensifying and the market focus shifts to the buyers’ market. The road to the future adds a lot of uncertainty. How to use the power of the buyer’s market to seek initiative is difficult and but also an opportunity.

Under the leadership of young consumer groups, the characteristics of market rejuvenation are complex and obvious, and home appliance companies are consciously achieving depth in this direction, trying to open a new round of “young growth” with brand rejuvenation.

The brand opens the way and the product comes out first. The brand relies on products and support services, and the products occupy the market by means of brand endorsement. It should be the core idea of ​​the layout of home appliance enterprises at this stage, and should firmly implement the one.

The focus of brand rejuvenation should be that enterprises should continue to, directly and indirectly, interact with young people in combination with various resources. The scope of interaction should cover young and fashionable focus areas as much as possible, and form cultural resonance and resonate with young consumer groups.

In this regard, many home appliance companies have begun to implement their own brand rejuvenation roads. Is this new atmosphere that the home appliance market is brewing, can they create their own wonder?

Changhong is one of the earliest domestic appliance enterprises that began to focus on the brand rejuvenation and deepen its expansion. Changgong which provides the products to the military has both profound and rigorous technical skills, as well as more cutting-edge market considerations.

Since 2007, Changhong has signed a contract with the Chinese table tennis team to become the main sponsor of the Chinese table tennis team. Changhong has also accompanied the China Table Tennis Team to the Beijing Olympic Games, the London Olympics, and other global sports events.

Therefore, grasping the content of sports and making a big fuss is Changhong’s most popular and most eye-catching marketing mechanism based on sports content from its own brand.

[BlueTechnology -After the World Cup, linked to NBA]
The 2018 World Cup is not only a carnival for football fans all over the world. From a commercial point of view, it is more like a school martial arts showcased by Chinese brands to the world, and it has also made a great contribution to the history of Chinese companies.

In March 2018, Changhong signed a contract with the Belgian national team to become the official sponsor of the “Red Devils”. Together with the Belgian national team, they entered the semi-finals and won the third place, creating the best record in the World Cup.

Since then, the influence of Changhong, a Chinese brand, has been further strengthened in the world. Combined with the depth of sports events, Changhong has seen the tremendous influence of sports content and also buried it for more sports resources. Foreshadowing.

On April 15th, Changhong and NBA China held the official ceremony of “cooperation ceremony” in Beijing. Changhong officially became “NBA China official market partner”, which is another major case of Changhong’s sports marketing.

Sports events incorporate more positive elements such as passion, vitality, dreams and creation. It is a way to get closer to young people. Changhong’s move is meant to be “courted” by more young people.

During the World Cup last year, Changhong launched a nationwide “Football Welfare Season” event, which gathered more than 6 million daily active online platforms, and publicly recruited “Hong Magic Demonstration Group” for offline viewing in Russia. The city held a bar gathering event for the fans’ welfare season “Get Rainbow together”

With the grand sports events, Changhong has exploited huge customer traffic and won younger user groups. It has played an important role in shaping the brand’s youthfulness by integrating the sports content with Changhong.

In order to let consumers participate deeply and enjoy the benefits, Changhong has prepared a generous discount package for users who purchase Changhong products. For example, if you purchase a model of 65” or above, you can purchase CHiQ air conditioner and Meiling refrigerators, “getting 20% ​​off in the quarter-finals, half-price in the finals, winning the championship”, etc. have greatly attracted consumers’ attention to Belgium and Changhong.

Therefore, after becoming the official market partner of NBA China, Changhong will strengthen the interaction with this group of young and passionate Chinese basketball fans.

Changhong also said: “We will hold a variety of online and offline activities around NBA events and basketball, especially in the retail channel, will launch interactive activities that consumers are willing to participate and truly bring benefits.”

According to the above-mentioned Changhong person in charge, Changhong will cooperate with Wanda and other cross-border activities to organize various basketball-related offline activities in various cities across the country to narrow the distance between brands and young people who love basketball.

For this strategic cooperation between Changhong and NBA China, it will not only further consolidate the staged achievements of its brand rejuvenation, but also hope to directly stimulate the growth of a group of young users in a short period of time. It can be said that it can exchange short-term sales. The growth will also allow its younger brand influence to expand further.

[BlueTechnology-Marketing channel of the assembling business]
Since the beginning of this year, Changhong has started to integrate the home appliance marketing business of the two listed companies – Sichuan Changhong and Changhong Meiling for the consumer market retail business, and set up the marketing headquarters of Changhong. Meiling China, coordinating Changhong TV, air conditioning and kitchen appliances, as well as the marketing work of Meiling refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliance consumer businesses in the Chinese market.

The assembling business and marketing ideas can aggregate the energy released by Changhong based on many content marketing levels to achieve a “nuclear fusion” effect of energy, in order to increase the development market, empower all product lines and market competitiveness.

[BlueTechnolgy – AI + loT echoes 5G]
At present, Changhong artificial intelligence home appliance product line is becoming more and more perfect and rich. On March 1st this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the Central Radio and Television General Station jointly issued the “Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan”. Xia Changhong has accelerated the development of ultra-high-definition video services.

In this context, Changhong has become a 4K standard and certification initiator of flat-panel TVs based on long-term domain technology innovation and product layout in TV, and on this basis, it has also realized the early layout of 8k technology.

Taking CES in 2019 as an example, the laser projection TV C7UT launched by Changhong took the lead in realizing the three-colour laser light source, also achieved a resolution of more than 1080P, which was 4 times higher, reaching 3840*2160 pixels. CES’s “World’s Best Technology Progress Award of the Year”.

The development of artificial intelligence technology helped Changhong to seize the 3rd position in the upcoming 5G era. Also, the deep integration with the Internet of Things has become the significance of realizing the core competitiveness of fully empowered enterprises.

Through the research and development and investment in the underlying technologies such as big data and Internet of Things, Changhong has become independent in technology, divested the path of “technology import”, and obtained the upstream “identity of the smart home industry capable of external empowerment. “, grew into an overall home appliance business from Chinese platform.

It is understood that in the field of big data and Internet of Things, Changhong’s independently developed Matrix cloud computing platform, Matrix-Meiyun Yundun, TinyVoice, Topmobi+ and other software products have begun to be fully marketised, and began to form research and development, supply chain, manufacturing and finance – the four external output platforms.

Deep research and development, re-marketing, and strong channels are said to be the “troika” for Changhong to reshape its brand image in 2019, and the youthful elements in the entire Changhong Group are also beginning to penetrate.

[Blue Technology] Shui Mu

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