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Shunwei Capital is a Huge Investor from China Looking Forward to Invest in the Indian Tech Startups


Indian has become the hotbed of investments from the Chinese giants. It has been seen that the Indian technology sector is their favourite for investments as the startups in this sector are the fastest growing. India has produced numerous unicorns in the past 5 years mostly due to the heavy investments from the Chinese and American companies and VC firms.

Shunwei Capital is founded by Lei Jun who is the founder of Xiaomi, which is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Shunwei Capital is a huge investor inside China and the investments are often humongous, however, they were wary of the Indian market. Shunwei Capital started with miniscule investments in India. However, post the success it witnessed in its investments it decided to go big in India.

Recently, the early and growth stage venture capital fund – Shunwei Capital has raised its sixth fund of $1.21 billion. This round takes the total assets under management to over $3 billion. Tuck Lye Koh is Co-founder and CEO of Shunwei Capital and he believes that India is a crucial market for them. They wish to continue their investment streak in the country. Commenting on the types of ventures they are interested in, he said that they are looking forward to those ventures, which are light and has less involvement with the offline sector.

Shunwei Capital is shouting out to the Indian Startup ecosystem to innovate more in the digital field and move ahead with the ambition of Digital India. The more and more investments there will be in any given sector, the more people will get employment and the Indian economy as a whole will be moving ahead on the path of development. This will not just benefit the Indians but also the foreign investors too.

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