ShieldSquare to kill malicious bot under the umbrella of Radware from now on

Bots in today’s world mean something else. There are a couple of meanings to bots, first is the robots which might end up being our ultimate friends and second is the bots that exist digitally. The first kind of bots might not be so advanced but the second kind of bots are way ahead. They are the actual owners of the internet and roam the place like it is their home. These bots can be good bots or malicious unwanted information collector bots. The latter kind of bots is absolutely not welcome.

There are bots which can totally take over your website, collect information and leave the website for dead. There are bots which are impossible to identify as non-humans for a normal person. Some of these bots might harm your personal computers as well. There is no end to the malicious bot thing. If you have an online business, these bots can attack your business multiple times and can hamper the competitiveness of the business, unlike any other threat. They are a threat to the online existence of a person.

ShieldSquare, a company which works on cloud-based bot mitigation is a startup founded in 2013. It added a feather to its cap in the same year when it passed the Microsoft’s Accelerator program. Pavan Thatha, Rakesh Thatha, Vasanth Kumar G, Jyoti Kakatkar, and Srikanth Konijeti are founders of this exciting startup. ShieldSquare’s impressive technology won many hearts as there was a line of investors looking to invest in the company.

There are investors such as Anthill Ventures, Endiya Partners, RPG Ventures and many more. The company has created a technology which is protecting a lot of businesses from threats which cannot be seen. It protects businesses with traffics in billions and still manages to emerge victorious. Their technology is strong and works well with everything.

ShieldSquare identifies a bot in real time. It differentiates between human and non-human traffic on the websites and applications they protect. The company analyzes the bots, checks their activity and differentiates it based on their behavior. Parameters such as its execution and environment which makes the bot leave a fingerprint or a UUID which is Universally Unique Identifier. IP is replaced by UUID here. ShieldSquare Technology does this in real time.

The company has turned out to be impressive and was looking for a new home so as to increase its clients. It has found one in an Israel-based cybersecurity provider which goes by the name Radware. Radware has acquired ShieldSquare and now the Indian company will operate under it as it is a full acquisition. ShieldSquare now will be properly and wholly be integrated with Radware.

Pavan Thatha wrote in an email to Inc42 about the acquisition. He said that Radware was a proper home for his company as they have ‘strong vision, amazing leadership, strong product synergy, and culture fit’. Radware will offer ShieldSquare bot mitigation and management product line in its Radware Bot Manager product which is fairly new.

– Unmesh Phule

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