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Shemaroo goes from CDs and DVDs to digital content|

Shemaroo, the name might ring a bell in every Indian head. The video content provider is still around and is doing extremely well. The company is India’s famous content provider which has a brilliant coming of age story. It is one of those companies which has outlasted generations to exist and do well on every front. The company is currently working in 30 countries and has some illustrious partners to its partnering list.

The company, Shemaroo, did not start as a content provider or producer. It was basically booked rental store in Mumbai, the first of its kind. It became hugely popular as their other segments like Shemaroo Kidz. It was a phenomenon and this was back in 1962. The company also came into existence in 1962. The name Shemaroo also has a story as it was founded by the Maroo brothers; Buddhichand, Atul and Raman and they had collaborated with the Shethias. Thus, Shemaroo was born from their last names.

The company till 1979 was in the book business but in that year it entered the video rental business. In 1987, they started distributing content via the home video segment popularly known as Video Home System (VHS). The company has majorly adopted every single change in the industry. They took the CD and DVD revolution in their strides and they are about to adapt to the next revolution as well.

The over the top platforms are creating a ruckus in India. Shemaroo, a content provider in its true sense, doesn’t want to be left behind. The company is extremely famous on YouTube and it has partnered with multiple companies from around the world already. It has partners like YouTube, Hotstar, Apple iTunes, Tata Sky, Reliance Jio, Vodafone, and also Zee Cinema.

That said, the company is going to launch its own OTT platform in the name of ShemarooMe. They are going to offer video content in many verticals. The main content will be comprised of Bollywood, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kids, and even devotion videos. The company will have two kinds of plans in place. The first one they call is an individual plan and the second is an all-access plan. The prices also defer for these two plans. The company has quoted a price which goes with the current OTT platforms available to the Indian audience. The prices are cheaper comparatively but the content is also not supposed to be up there with the best OTT platforms.

The individual plans will be available for INR 49 and INR 499 for a month and a year respectively. While the all-access plans will be available from INR 99 to INR 999 for a month and a year respectively. The company has quoted a reasonable price and their content attracts different age groups which are always a plus.

The content will be available on the application the company has developed. It will be available to download on the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The company has bigger plans as it is trying to reach the deeper veins of the country. It is going to produce a lot of regional content so that the rural areas and tier 3 and 4 cities can also be a market it can cash in on.

This is one of those companies from which many can learn. It is flexible and always keep their eyes on the newer and better things coming onto them. Catching up with technology is the least a company could do to continue to exist in the market and Shemaroo is doing it. Their plans for the future are bright and the 57-year-old company might as well live for many more decades.

-Unmesh Phule

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