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Sharp’s smart home lineup at IFA covers all major appliance needs

Original: Digital Trends, August 30

Analysis: Our phones have become smart and now our homes are gradually becoming smart. Technological advancement in the home sector is shooting through the roof and Sharp is one of the largest brands in the world dealing in the home appliances market. It has shifted its focus to the intelligent home appliances.

IFA 2018 is going on in Berlin and Sharp has offered numerous smart home appliances on display this year. Starting with washing machines, tumble dryers to dishwasher, ovens and even refrigerators. Instead of going into details of all of the smart appliances we should focus on the impact it would have on the various markets across the globe (Details can be found in the link given above).

Smart technologies are gaining an edge over the traditional technologies due to the fact that it can be connected to our smartphones and even controlled by users over the internet. These devices are becoming a part of the greater Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem. Since humans are addicted to the smartphones, anything that is connected to the smartphones indirectly gets connected to the user of that smartphone.

West was considered the developed for a very long period and most of the technological advancements happened there too. The concept of modernization and technological advancements to ease the daily life also emerged in the west. However, in the last 2 decades, the east has shown its strength in building technologies that even the west would crave for. The East Asian Giants, China, Japan and South Korea reached the epitome of technological success in the past 2 decades. The region along with India in South Asia is the home to many consumer electronics giants of the world in the field stretching from mobile and telecom appliance industry to home appliances to computers to even space technologies.

Sharp is one such company from China that has been pioneering in smart home appliances innovations and has been able to capture a significant portion of the market share in the world. They have entered the European market and challenged the dominance of the existing leader such as the South Koran LG and Samsung and Japanese giant Sony. Though the existing leaders are ahead of the Chinese companies in terms of funds and technology but these Chinese companies are catching up faster than the world thinks.

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