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ShareChat removes 54,400 accounts to comply with the Election Commission of India

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ShareChat is an Indian social media platform made especially for the people from the lesser parts of India. The company saw the opportunity in the vernacular space for social media and entered into it. It has become widely popular in the rural parts of the country. This is because India has internet in remotest parts and that is because of the Jio revolution. There was a need for people, who don’t understand English, a social media platform.

India, being a country where every state has its own language and there are thousands of dialects, ShareChat was an imminent product required. The homegrown social media platform is available in 14 languages and is doing extremely well. It is not so popular in the metropolitan cities or even tier 2 cities but in villages and small towns.

ShareChat has around 45 million monthly active users. The number is extravagant given that it is not so popular in India. That said, the company has an audience which is extremely vulnerable to any kind of news given the literacy rate. During the election time, India has a lot of misinformation spread on social media and this platform is nothing different. The company was one of the five social media companies which had to comply with Election Commission of India (ECI). The reason for this is the fake news spread on ShareChat.

ShareChat was happy to help the ECI given that it is a homegrown company and wants to help as much as possible. The company has therefore closed around 54,400 accounts and has taken down around 500 thousand content pieces from the app. All the pieces taken down were either spreading hate or were misinformed.

The company came out and said that it is heavily investing in moderating the news. It has taken steps to take down the content regularly and given that this is the election period it is their responsibility to do so. Berges Y. Malu, who is the head for Public Policy was quoted saying. He also said that the company is dedicated to doing the same for the entire span of elections that stretches to six phases. The standard for content will be the same for every election moving forward.

He said, “This has been our largest removal of accounts yet. Right now, because of elections, there is increased interest in politics on the platform. We’ve intensified our efforts in policing the platform. We are investing heavily in moderation to keep the platform clean. As an Indian platform, we are committed and vigilant to continue to police the platform for the next 6 phases of elections. Going forward, for all Indian elections, we will follow the same standard operating procedure.”


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