Seeing the ‘Made in China’ Microwave Oven Lead the World from the Canton Fair

Galanz at Canton Fair

On October 15th, the first phase of the 126th Canton Fair was opened in Guangzhou. The microwave oven, which has a history of more than 70 years, has a new vitality at the Galanz booth in Hall 4.2 of Area A, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre. A smart micro-steaming machine that interacts with IoT refrigerators is particularly attracting buyers from all over the world to see the ‘Made in China’ microwave oven that leads the world from the Canton Fair.

First-class manufacturing to first-class quality

In the 1990s, Galanz took the “Black King Kong”, which has subverted the microwave oven for nearly 40 years, to participate in the 83rd Canton Fair. The world has confidently displayed the label of “first-class quality” on the booth. In this year, in 1998, Galanz microwave oven production and sales won the “world’s first”.

Twenty years later, Galanz has developed from a small player to one of the top ten exporters in kitchen appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. The microwave ovens representing Galanz at the Canton Fair are no longer single-mode microwaves with a single function. Among them, the C-site exhibit is an IoT micro-steaming and roasting machine. It not only integrates the three cooking technologies of “micro, steaming and roasting”, but also creatively combines frequency conversion microwave, hot air convection, steam, microwave hot air combination and microwave steam combination. The six cooking methods, such as hot air steam combination, are combined in a microwave oven to connect with smart appliances such as refrigerators and ovens to create the Galanz + Smarthome made of all connected appliances.

‘Rome was not built in a day’

In 1992, Galanz entered the home appliance industry with the microwave oven as its starting point. In the beginning, Galanz introduced the production line from Japan, and the production process was limited to the final assembly. Grasping the shifting trend of the world’s home appliance manufacturing centres in the 1990s, Galanz has fully utilized the total cost leadership of China’s manufacturing, and has supplied more efficient and cheaper products with higher efficiency, and has continuously surpassed international counterparts. In 1995, Galanz became the first brand in the Chinese microwave oven market.

After the lead in production and sales, the magnetron control suppliers of microwave core components in Japan and South Korea began to curb Galanz. In the beginning, they supplied defective products, restricted supply, and finally stopped supplying.

Galanz Micro Steaming Microwave Machine
Galanz Micro Steaming Microwave Machine

Core Technology Escort Leading the Development

For a manufacturing company, if there is no core technology, the bigger the scale, the more dangerous it is. In order to master the core technology and take the fate of development in its own hands, Galanz faced the extremely high technical barriers and invested in the research and development of magnetrons without hesitation. Since 1999, Galanz has teamed up with scientists and upstream and downstream supply partners to overcome technical difficulties and invest nearly 1 billion yuan. In 2001, Galanz developed the first self-owned brand of a magnetron. Today, Galanz magnetron supporting capacity has covered a variety of microwave ovens, from low power to high power, from the full range of inverters to a variety of personalized innovative products, the magnetrons of tens of millions of microwave ovens going global every year, all by Galanz Independent research and development and manufacturing.

With core technology escorts, Galanz continues to lead the new trend in the microwave oven industry. After the Canton Fair was unveiled in 1998, the black whirlwind of Galanz’s “Black King Kong” swept the world. This great creation of breaking the microwave white tradition also opened the colour revolution of white goods.

In 2005, Galanz successfully invented the electric steamer, integrated the steaming cooking technique of the chef of the world’s food capital, Shunde, into the electric steamer, and blended the traditional cooking skills with the modern home appliance technology to make the steaming ancient. The cumbersome cooking method has never been easier.

In 2006, Galanz developed the first multimedia microwave oven, which can watch the game on the home appliance and create a precedent for home appliance multimedia.

In 2011, Galanz innovated the ‘UOVO’ microwave oven and the platform-based operation design subverted the tradition of square and side-opening doors for microwave ovens for more than 60 years. The three generations of UOVO smart microwave ovens have nearly 40 domestic and foreign patents in technology and appearance.

In 2014, Galanz innovative light wave microwave dual-mode inverter microwave oven realized the breakthrough of light wave frequency conversion and microwave frequency conversion. The creative design of alloy and glass fusion won the German Industrial Design Award.

From square to round, from microwave technology to light wave technology, from microwave frequency conversion to light wave frequency conversion to dual-mode frequency conversion technology, from steam microwave oven to micro steaming and baking machine, from side opening type, pull-down type to upper opening platform type In the past 20 years, every upgrade and iteration of the world microwave oven industry has come from the innovation leading of Galanz.

In recent years, Galanz has accelerated its transformation from traditional manufacturing to digital technology-based enterprises. On September 28, Galanz was 41 years old. The “Beyond Manufacturing” theme conference was held in Shunde, Guangdong. Galanz announced its entry into the field of chip manufacturing, edge computing and radio energy, and released the world’s first IoT home appliance chip ‘BF-fine’ and announced the development plan of the higher-end intelligent ‘NB-Shishan’ chip and processor.

In the future, these chips will be applied to every product of Galanz, including microwave ovens, refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, small appliances, etc., not only for high-end smart products but also for the entire line of products.

Galanz Booth at Canton Fair
Galanz Booth at Canton Fair

World Sharing Galanz Technology

For the development of innovation, Liang Zhaoxian, chairman and president of Galanz Group, believes that the development of technology depends not only on innovation but also on the huge market foundation. “In the process of development, there must be technology and market, from China to the world, especially The huge consumption upgrade market along the ‘Belt and Road’ country drives innovative companies to commercialize various cutting-edge technologies into advanced productivity.”

In the process of development, Galanz relies on independent innovation, and firmly grasps the two magic weapons of leading efficiency and leading scale, and actively expands the global market. “If there is no efficiency, no market can afford it; if there is no scale, huge R&D investment will not be able to digest it.” Liang Zhaoxian said.

In recent years, China’s “Belt and Road” construction has been steadily advanced, and Chinese manufacturing companies represented by Galanz are facing unprecedented opportunities for new development. In the new round of global economic integration, Galanz’s sharing of the world, from products to services, from manufacturing to technology, not only microwave ovens.

Today, in addition to leading the trend of the micro-steaming machines, four-in-one toast wave machine and other innovative products, Galanz’s semiconductor microwave oven technology, AIOT smart home has matured, more and more composite appliances, applications Galanz independent chip smart home appliances will From Guangdong to the world.

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