SeaBubbles come up with a flying boat in the wake of flying cars

SeaBubbles testing their first ever flying boat

There is a bunch of news around the world where people are talking about flying cars. The flying cars and air-taxi is a thing which does not seem a distant future. We might even have a city that looks just like the one shown in a Netflix series, Altered Carbon. There will be flying cars, air-taxis, flying bikes even and no one on roads. There are many startups working on such things around the world and this is how the people are looking like the way forward.

That said, we might have been promised flying cars before anything but today we are going to talk about something more ambitious, a flying boat. Everyone thought that flying cars would be the first thing this world might see, however, SeaBubbles, a French startup has brought us the flying boat. It is an unbelievable achievement, to say the least. This boat is out of the ordinary and to make everything even better, it is an all-electric boat.

The boat has 1.5 hours of run-time when we talk about prototypes while the charging time is about 5 hours. However, the boats that are going to be sold will have 2.5 hours of autonomy with 35 minutes of recharge time. The company already has a lot of orders as many around Miami, some famous personalities have bought the boat. They have signed the thing and paid for it. The company also has a deal in Russia with some of the luxury hotels. They are going to be in Moscow and St. Petersburg soon.

This project was thought by Alain Thebault, who was a sailor before he started working on this. The boat on its debut broke the world record for sailing speed twice. The first time it was 50.17 knots while Anders Bringdal, who is also the co-founder of SeaBubbles, set a record of 51.45 knots.

The technology is the same as that of Hydroptere, a similar system is being used in this boat that will lift the boat. It will also reduce the drag which will amount to lesser power being required. The batteries used in this boat are Lithium Ion batteries which are IP67 waterproof.

The reason SeaBubbles has been able to bring the boat so early to us is that it does not produce everything in the house. The company has outsourced half of the things. The engine comes from Torqueedo while the software used to measure all the things comes from 4DC Tech. This combined with the sensors in the boat has three major sensors. Two of those sensors are high-altitude sensors which will be used to measure the high waves and waters while the other sensor is gyroscope which will be used to measure the angles of the boat.

The information generated by these sensors will be fed to the software designed by 4DC Tech. The software will then calculate the speed, height, and angle according to the information. All these things are done automatically, the only thing the pilot has to do is to steer the boat. The pilot does not need to worry about raising the height of the boat or also reduce it.

That said, this a step in the right direction as the boat might turn out to be revolutionary in terms of travel through seawaters. This might be normalized and end up being a daily life travel thing for many in the coming years.

-Unmesh Phule

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