Samsung’s winner in S10 could knock Apple out of the game

Apple iPhone's screen with Hello

Samsung is one of those companies which beliefs in innovation with patience. It has a lot of patience but also a lot of heart. It is a company which brings a certain technology and brags about it for a long time. It has a history of doing this and a certain feature is bragged and made into its own by the company. They did it with the infinity display, with their cameras and now, the company is doing the same with the Galaxy Fold.

Another habit of Samsung is to take a dig at Apple, this event happens every year since 2010. It is still doing it and Samsung have come out on top every single year. In 2010, ‘phablet’ was introduced, a phone with a large screen. Steve Jobs absolutely murdered the idea of the same. People loved it, and people mattered more than what Steve Jobs thought. Apple was losing customers and it was losing them fast.

The company decided to scrap its 3.5 inches screen and came out with larger screen phones. The same thing is happening again. There are a lot of people dissing the idea of a foldable phone at this moment, they are against the idea of a screen that folds. Although, the Mobile World Congress says something else. The MWC this year is all about foldable phones. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, Huawei’s Mate X and many other. These are the phones catching eyes and nothing even remotely innovative is being looked at.

That said, Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall has come to a conclusion that Apple is behind by two years when it comes to future of phones. Apple cannot produce a foldable phone, not even a prototype if it wants to at this moment. That is because they do not have the technology for it. The company is struggling with their phones as well. It has to come up with something that does not have the notch. It has to find a way to bring in something new.

People have already got rid of the notch have reached a 99% ratio of screens while Apple might be stuck at something much lesser than that. This year is very crucial for the company and that is because Samsung has come up with a stellar device in S10 and S10+. The Korean company has outdone themselves this time around.

Apple has its work cut out now. That is because their biggest competitor has produced a winner. There are a lot of Apple loyalists and they are on the verge at this moment because of the past two years. There are analysts predicting a drop in sales even this year and only a powerful device would help them win over their customers again.

The ball is still in Apple’s court, a return must be a winner or it might just be game set and match for Samsung.

-Unmesh Phule

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