Samsung’s journey from a cheap feature phone makers to the best smartphone makers

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Samsung is one of India’s largest selling smartphone companies. It shares almost 23% market and was the undisputed king in the subcontinent for a long time until the Chinese invasion. Indian market is always up for grabs for any company but there will surely be competition from Samsung. It is present in every price range in India and competes against all the companies in specific ranges. That said, the company had to struggle to a great extent to become a giant. It had to work in different ways than normal.

A decade ago, Samsung was synonymous to feature phones and cheap flip phones. Apple was the only player in the smartphone business and it had conquered each and every market. People looked at Samsung as a brand of feature phones and not as a premium phone maker. To shake this image off and tackle the largest smartphone company in the world, it accepted the same strategy as that of Apple. Apple mocked Microsoft with “I’m a Mac” in the early 2000s and Samsung started doing the same.

The Korean giant first created a sub-brand in the name of Galaxy. Samsung’s Galaxy launched their first smartphone in 2010, the Galaxy S. It then launched its subsequent versions which were advertised by mocking Apple’s iPhone. The innovative Samsung phones with big screens won the market and Apple users were stuck with tiny screens. The Samsung Galaxy S4’s advertisement was a great exemplar of their strategy.

It all started with S II when they showed a bunch of people waiting in line outside of an Apple store. They looked at the clock and the line was not moving forward while the other people on the street were using ‘something better’ and that better something was nothing but the Samsung Galaxy S II and this trend went on for three years after 2011. This is how Samsung challenged the biggest smartphone makers in the market and actually started winning.

Samsung was different from Apple, it was bringing in new technology with every device and the screens were getting bigger and better. On the other hand, Apple had smaller screens and newest technology did not come easily to them. Apple started losing market share because of this. However, Samsung had its own share of criticism. The first time they introduced Galaxy Note to the world with a huge 5.3 inch display, people mocked it, many reviewers slammed the device for being too big but the audience loved it. They embraced the big screen and it soon became a trend and Apple couldn’t cope up with it.

Samsung was on cloud nine as it had managed to do something which no company could. However, everything turned south in 2014 when there weren’t only two horses in the race anymore. Apple continued to pave the way with its own ideology while Samsung was introduced to new competitors and a major dive in the losses department saw Samsung’s smartphone business take a major blow. The launch of S6 became the most important launch for Samsung in years as 2015 could have decided its fate.

In spite of all the pressure, Samsung delivered, it innovated, created new space for itself and managed to outdo the Apple’s iPhone once again in the global market. The fact that it is still growing and its phones are still the trendsetters tell us how sustained Samsung is winning the market while Apple is now struggling to cope up with its current slump.

Samsung will launch four new devices in February. The four new devices will have significant features with Galaxy S10+ will have a 3D sensing camera at the back.

– Unmesh Phule

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