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Samsung’s Experience Centre to help consumers feel before buying

The consumer durable market has developed a lot in the past decade. Technology has evolved manifolds. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, which seemed to be just out of the science fiction movies, are now a reality. In such a scenario, the consumers need a little awareness, guidance and touch & feel the existence of these new age products for generating a sense of trust in their minds.

Samsung has been in the Indian market for over 2 decades now. It is the top company in the consumer durables and consumer electronics in India and numerous other large markets around the globe. However, this dominant position in the Indian market has been challenged fiercely by the new Chinese companies in the consumer electronics market.

As a move to retain its consumers and give them a better user experience they have come up with a plan to open the largest mobile experience centre in Bengaluru, the IT hub of India. Samsung has identified Online to Offline (O2O) as the new growth area. According to the company, consumers touch both the sectors, online and offline to do purchases. Mohandeep Singh, Samsung India VP said that online experience is important from a convenience point of view and offline experience is important from experience point of view.

The store by Samsung is located in the famous Bengaluru Opera House. It is a huge 33,000 sq ft showcasing the latest innovations in areas like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and internet of things and enables consumers to experience these technologies through differentiated product experiences. Samsung aims to open more such store in the top 10 cities in India to reach out to more customers. The company has reached a point where it is important for them to engage consumers at various levels. The company also aims to highlight the products or innovations that have been made in India such as the super saver mode or the camera quality enhancements.

Many companies such as OnePlus and Xiaomi have realised the power of such experience stores in recent times and that is why they have opened offline stores in India. Both of these companies followed a strict online only policy since inception but they saw a huge potential in the Indian offline market too. They felt that people preferred to go and use the devices to get a feel for them and then purchase online.

– Soumya De

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