Samsung VS Xiaomi: The smartphone Game of Thrones in India

Samsung in India is a trusted brand. The people of India trust Samsung like no other company. The consumers, when buying the phone from an offline store will choose Samsung over any other phones in India. The reason for this is plain and simple, it has been around for a long time. The fact that Samsung has a presence in all price ranges in India makes it second largest smartphone seller in India. It has been around since it was making feature phones.

In spite of Samsung being a giant in India, its tag of the largest smartphone seller has been lost to a Chinese phone maker; Xiaomi. Xiaomi has taken the Indian market by storm and even the offline stores such as Croma see that the popularity of Xiaomi is increasing by the day. Our researchers have found the same that in the price range of INR 10,000-20,000 Xiaomi is the undisputed king. Xiaomi shares about 27% of the smartphone market while Samsung has 22% market share in India.

However, Samsung is going to change everything with their new strategy. It has penned down a plan to win the throne back from Xiaomi. Samsung is going to launch three new smartphones in the price range of INR 10,000-20,000 which is where Xiaomi does almost all its business. The M series, as the people at Samsung, are calling it will be aimed at the younger generation. Millennial is what the M stands for and is named after the 21st-century adults. This is the reason the phones are named Millennial. The three new smartphones in this segment will be distinct from each other. They will have different slightly different designs, a newer feel and will be stocked with features. The phones are rumored to have 5000 mAh batteries and there will also be fast charging involved.

To tackle Xiaomi, Samsung will have to offer same specs sheet or better it by some margin to win that segment back. And the rumors are living up to it. Samsung is touted to bring in a three-camera set up in one of those three devices. Apart from this, Samsung is going to double its online business with these three smartphones. It is going to focus on the online market more than any other market. Samsung currently makes its money from 80% offline sales in India. However, if they decide to go online, the newest foreign direct investment (FDI) policy will affect their plans. But the Senior Vice President of Samsung India was confident. He said that their plans will go hand in hand with the new policy.

-Unmesh Phule

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