Samsung to swoon the Indian consumers with the A series phones

Samsung is one of those companies which has had a presence in India since a very long time. It is one of the trusted brands and has many loyalists in the country. The company has had a lot of success recently but their crown of the largest smartphone seller in India was snatched by a Chinese company; Xiaomi. The strategy that caught Xiaomi’s fire in the country was well and truly a masterstroke. However, the scenario might change and it might change rapidly as Samsung is pulling some serious strings to get back their crown in India.

India has always been one of its biggest foreign markets. Samsung, a global brand, made its name in the budget phone market before being one of the most innovative and trend-setting companies. India loves Samsung and it is about time the company showers some love back. It has already re-entered the sub-INR 12,000 markets in India. The M series has been pretty successful in India even though it is still early days for the numbers to call a success yet.

The company’s M series was marked for the online market and will cater to the people wanting to buy phones online. Although Samsung has a huge presence in the offline market in India, thanks to their experience, the company did not shutter its offline stores but added to the number in recent years. The company has around 180,000 outlets in the country and around 2,000 brand stores as well. The company is going to exploit this huge number over the next few months.

Samsung has pledged that it is going to launch new phones every month beginning from March till June. The company is gearing up for the worldwide launch of its Samsung Galaxy S10 phones which is just a week away from now. Apart from that, the company has many plans for India as it is planning to drop it’s A series in India. The company is gearing up for the multiple launches of these phones as well. It is going to look flood the market with Samsung phones.

The price range of the A series is going to start from INR 10,000 to INR 50,000. This price range is huge and the phones will compete with every company in a different price range. The company is expected to create a market worth $4 billion through this single series and that is the amount they expect to make by selling these phones. The M series focused on the online market, the A series will focus on the offline market amending the FDI policy which is relatively new.

The new FDI policy has played it into the hands of Samsung which led the country before Xiaomi and e-commerce revolution. It had phones in all the price ranges then and it is going to have a similar strategy now and will look to snatch the crown back from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, is also looking to create an offline presence in India. However, it will take time for the company to make things happen. In the meanwhile, Samsung might just swoon the Indian consumers with A series and grab the market by its neck. It is just a matter of time that Samsung wins back its beloved Indian market and everyone knew this, it was just the question of how they will do it. We know a lot about that as well now.

-Unmesh Phule

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