Samsung To Launch M40 Next Month To Conquer The Indian Market

Samsung is one of the companies which has done everything in its ability to get the crown in the Indian market back. Samsung is a master tactician. It has always had tactics that were different and those always worked. We can call Samsung a bully when it comes to conquering markets. It has always bullied the smaller companies with their deep pockets and ability to work through losses.

The company always had an eye on the budget market in India. It does not make budget phones for the foreign market but has a special place for the subcontinent of India. The company has its majority of the factories in India and is going to make its smartphone hub in less than two years from now. It is going to export phones from India.

Coming back to the tactics, its current tactics in India are clearly seen. The company is trying to crowd the Indian market with the A series and the M series. The A series covers the prices in the even while the M series covers the prices in the odds. All the M series phones launched are under INR 20 thousand while two A series of phones hit the high INR 20 thousand.

The M40 is here to kill

Samsung Galaxy M40 is coming to India with a lot of expectations. According to the IANS, it is going to be launched at INR 25 thousand. To understand this price tag better, Samsung has two phones which cost over INR 20 thousand, the A50 and A70. These phones cost INR 21 thousand and INR 29 thousand respectively.

Point being, Samsung, after M40’s launch, will have three phones in the INR 20 thousand markets. This will totally cover all the bases and there is absolutely no competition in that market when you have three phones which have the newest technology and feature. This is where the company wins and it wins big.

The Leaks

IANS has not only tipped about the launch date of the phone but has also tipped about specs sheet. The phone will boast a Snapdragon 675 SoC and will have storage up to 128 GB. The RAM on this phone is also massive with 6 GB. That being said, the display of the phone is also going to have a hole-punch display with a massive super AMOLED display. The camera setup is going to be a triple camera setup which will be powered by a massive 5000 mAh battery. The phone will run Android 9.0 Pie.

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