Samsung to enter the drone zone as India begin to accommodate flying objects with regulations

India is very particular when it comes to airspace as it is aware of its duty to provide security of all kinds. The Indian government requires thorough information before it dives into approval of any technology that can be harmful to the people even in the slightest way possible. India is yet to become a drone country although a lot of photographers and videographers use it for their own purpose. Drones were actually banned in India till the August of this year.

However, that has changed as the Indian government has now provided official guidelines for the same. It has finally unbanned the drones and people can buy it and use it given that they follow the guidelines published by the government. The Directorate General Civil Aviation (DGCA) has given its approval with certain guidelines. Now people can use drones for agriculture, disaster relief, health purposes, etc.

Before flying any drone the owners would have to register online, generate a unique ID, and keep that ID with them. The drones are segregated into five categories starting from nano drones which will weigh around 250 grams and the heaviest drones which will weigh around 150kgs. The drone can also not be flown from more than 450 meters away.

Drones which weigh less than 250 grams need not go through all of this and can be flown directly. Also, other drones which need not go through the registrations are the government drones. There are no-fly zones as well. The zones such as military setups or country borders or crowded areas where people might be prone to injuries are some zones listed as no-fly zones. Although one can fly a drone in crowded areas with prior permission.

Although, drones in India are majorly sold by the Chinese company DJI. It has some to no competition in this sector. However, the drone market is growing by the day and one of the major tech giants was spotted doing some activity in the drone zone. Samsung is that tech giant. It was spotted by GizmoChina while filing some patents which leads to Samsung entering the drone market.

However, this is not the end of the story. Samsung is trying to make space for drones in accordance with its Galaxy phones. It is also rumored that it is planning to provide drones as an added accessory with the Galaxy phones which is insane to think about. However, it is all speculation as of now. Nothing is concrete but it is rumored that these drones will come with gyroscope, barometer, compass, ultraviolet, light, temperature, ultrasonic sensors.

The company is rumored to be working on transforming drones. Drones are yet to be able to transform but can be folded or dissembled. However, it is Samsung’s thing to invent, introduce and shock the world with something new. The geeks will have to wait for this one as it will not only be transforming the drone industry but also the phone industry as the drones are supposed to be coupled with future Galaxy phones.

Samsung, if it enters the Indian market with its drone will have an automatic upper hand over DJI. The reason being, Samsung’s presence in India. It is fair to say that it is omnipresent in the technology world. Samsung is leading in almost every sector in India from home appliances to smartphones. India is also its biggest market globally and the Chinese drone-makers will have a task on their hands to outwit the South-Korean company.

– Unmesh Phule

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