Samsung Smart Watches to Transform the Indian Wearables Market


Samsung has launched its smart wearable to tap into the growing market of fitness and fitness tracking. The brand enjoys a huge brand value and trust among the Indian consumers. The company wants to reap the benefits of their superior brand name while selling the smart watches.

It is said that the body is the temple and it needs to be taken care of just like the god that resides within the temple. Taking good care of one’s health is probably the single thing that one does that does not benefit anyone else. It is just for the benefit of the self. This is crucial for the well-being of the person’s body and mind as well.

Samsung has launched its lineup of smart wearables that will help the average Joes to track their health just like an athlete does on a daily basis. The smart wearable sector has grown from being just a tech based industry to now having heavy fashion elements. The new premium smart watches nowadays can easily compete with the traditional fashion watches in terms of style.

Samsung Galaxy Active

This smart watch is for the people who take their fitness very seriously and their fashion as well. This is most expensive offering among the three at Rs. 19,990. This is certainly not targeted at most of the entry-level or mid-range consumers. The device comes with all the premium features and looks stunning on the wearers’ wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Active
Samsung Galaxy Active – Samsung Website

The device is equipped with a 1.1 inch AMOLED colour display that is always on for easy visibility. Moreover, the display is protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 that makes it very durable and protects against scratches. The Samsung manufactured Exynos 9110 Dual Core 1.15 GHz processor gives it ample power to perform at optimum speeds and give the user an uninterrupted performance.

The phone can connect with the smartphone via Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and even has A-GPS and Glonass support. This makes it a versatile device.

The watch is water resistant upto 5ATM. It is IP68 certified that allows the users to enjoy the ocean waves, sing in the shower wearing the watch or even have a slight dance in the rains.

Galaxy Fit

This is the mid-range smart watch priced at Rs. 9,990. This is still quite expensive for moist of the Indian consumers considfering that this is just a smart watch. The watch is a smaller version than the Galaxy Active. The watch also has an AMOLED display panel but misses out on the Gorilla Glass safety. This is also water resistant upto 5 ATM but lacks any IP certification that might make the waves and the shower a little less fun due to the extra care that needs to be taken. But the difference in price makes it an affordable option.

Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung Galaxy Fit – Samsung Website

The watch gives option such as 90+ activity tracker inbuilt. This is very good for people who are very active or want to get more active with the help of technology. They can also provide in-depth data and reports regarding the users’ body and other suggestions such as diet and exercise plans customized for the user.

Galaxy Fit e

This is the most affordable of all at just Rs. 2590. This is in direct competition with the likes of the Mi Band 3 and 4, Lenovo Fitband and GOQii Fitness bands. The Samsung carries a huge brand name as compared to the other three competitors in this price range. The company claims that although the price is a little higher as compared to its competitors, it packs in substantial technology and features to come up on top in many aspects.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e
Samsung Galaxy Fit e – Samsung Website

The screen is a PLED display unlike the other 2 models that has AMOLED models. However, the screen looks quite bright and crisp. It has only Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone access but can receive almost all kinds of notification on the device itself. The watch can track the activities for 7 days straight on a single charge.

All the watches are attractive options in their respective price points. However, it seems as if Samsung has missed out slightly on the value for money factor when compared to the market leader Xiaomi. At the end it comes down to functionality, durability and affordability that attracts users and converts into sales.

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