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Samsung To Showcase Various Lifestyle Projects At CES 2021


Samsung will be showcasing four projects from its in-house incubation program, C-Lab Inside, and 17 startups supported by its startup acceleration program, C-Lab Outside, at CES 2021. The C-Lab Inside projects includes a portable oxygen storage device called Air Pocket, an IoT device that can classify fabric and recommend care options called Scan & Dive, a service called Food & Sommelier that will pair food and wine for your meals, and an app that automatically calibrates your TV’s picture quality called EZCal.

Display calibration is an expensive and complicated affair that requires professional-grade equipment deployed by certified calibration experts. Samsung’s app could disrupt this status quo, by leveraging the power of smartphones and bring display calibration to the masses

The South Korean tech giant has announced the C-Lab Inside projects and the startups under C-Lab Outside that it will be showcasing at CES 2021, which starts on January 11 and goes on till January 14. The projects chosen by Samsung are a reflection of a stay-at-home new normal and, according to Samsung, focus on personalized products and services catering to diverse lifestyles.

The C-Lab Outside startups that Samsung will be showcasing include Magpie Tech, which has worked on a growth management device for children called ‘kiko’ (a smart height and weight scale). Bitbyte brings a keyboard theme service that has characters react to the input text, and Designovel has built an AI-powered fashion design tool.

C-Lab Outside, created in October 2018, is a startup acceleration program that provides office workspace, mentoring by Samsung employees, financial support, and more to enrolled startups.

The other C-Lab Outside innovations that will be showcased at CES 2021 include a real-life avatar creation tool through 3D scanning and VR/AR by Flux Planet, AI-based personal information anonymisation by Deeping Source, and a digital note taking service that enables easy PDF editing using pen gestures by Flexcil.

Other noteworthy C-Lab Outside startups to be showcased include an online K-pop training service by Counter Culture Company, and fortune-telling and mental care character-based conversational chatbots by Thingsflow.

Three startups from C-Lab Inside have been chosen as innovation honorees of CES 2021 in the area of health and wellness by CTA (The Consumer Technology Association). The awardees are Luple, which has developed a portable and artificial sunlight device; Breathings, a maker of an IoT device that easily manages respiratory health; and Linkface, which has a neckband device that monitors breath- and heart-related bio signals.


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