Samsung S10+ steals the show; is the most powerful smartphone ever made

Samsung S10 phones featured at the launch

Samsung is one of those companies which believes in innovation and newness. That is why the company is always on top with competition from the world’s biggest company Apple. It has always faced competition from Apple and it has always managed to come out on par with the latter. Samsung has a lot of things to which the Apple iPhones don’t. It produces phones which have something new almost every year and they set the trend as it is the company with the early launch.

This year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10E. These are the three Galaxy phones the company launched. There are staggering changes in the phones when compared to the last year’s flagship. The phones are amazing and the fanciest thing is the screen. The screen is just downright marvelous. The cameras are pinned in the screen which makes it look stunning. The screen of S10+ is a bit larger than S9+ but the size remains the same. The bezels are smaller or non-existent to be fair to Samsung.

Samsung claims that this is the most color accurate screen ever in a smartphone. The screen looks out of this world and the feel of the phone is also something unique and premium. That said, the screen is called the Infinity-O display which is just another name for the punch-hole display. The screen can integrate 16 million colors at 100% color volume which is insane. The screen is also HDR10+ certified. It is the world’s first Dynamic AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy S10+
That aside, the display also has an in-built fingerprint scanner. The scanner is also one of the firsts. It is an Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which is not just the name but also has some use. The ultrasonic sensor will sense the fingerprint with sound waves which will work under any condition and does not need the user to apply extra pressure. There are also anti-spoofing algorithms used as there can be fingerprint spoofing.

The cameras on the phones are also a first. There are a total of five cameras on the phones. The two on the screen or on the screen to be specific and three at the back. There is a special wide-angle lens which is used. There are standard 12 MP cameras and also a telephoto camera with 16 MP ultra-wide sensor. However, the ultra-wide sensor has a fixed focus of f/2.2. The cameras are also given and assisted by Neural Processing Unit. This has special abilities and allows the camera to recognize many different scenes. The number can reach up to 30 scenes.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ back
The chip in the phone is also one of the latest, sharpest and most powerful one Samsung has ever made. The 7nm Exynos 9820 SoC with 12GB Ram and an impossible 1TB storage. This chip is one of the strongest in the market yet and might just be the most powerful. The Galaxy S10+ is the sharpest phone out there right now and that is because of the chip it has.

The prices are also a bit higher than the previous year. The S10 will be available for about INR 63,900. The S10+ will cost about INR 71,000 and S10E is the cheapest with its cost around INR 53,300. These are all converted prices and the Indian prices may differ a bit but will be in this range.

-Unmesh Phule

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