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Samsung Redesigning The Laundry Rooms With Their New Line Of Products In The US

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Samsung is a company which is always looking to markets and no matter how the niche the market looks, the company is willing to dive into it. Samsung has always been this way. It is looking to enter the markets no one is even looking at and make products that complement the users more than anyone else. We can call Samsung as a consumers’ company without a doubt.

There are certain things which the company is good at and it sticks to it without trying to make a lot of changes in the plans. However, this doesn’t mean that Samsung is not flexible at all, the company is extremely flexible and open to innovation almost every single time they are launching a new product. Today, we are going to discuss another niche home appliance market, the company has entered. The decorative devices giving performances with looks is something we do not find in humans but can surely find in machines.

The Laundry Room Re-imagination

Let us all be honest and ask ourselves one question, how many of us take the laundry room in our house seriously while designing? The answer would be none. There is hardly anyone looking at the laundry rooms and saying, ‘well I need this to look beautiful and efficient at the same time’. However, as time has changed, there are people who put thought into the minutest things. The laundry room is also being re-imagined by the designers and Samsung is offering some help to those designers.

The laundry rooms most of the times try and fit in the machines which are smaller and efficient or there is one huge machine which has more capacity but is not even half as efficient. In any case, the machines do not match the interior of the laundry room, which makes it unpleasant and out of order to look at. Samsung is eliminating all these problems. The company has designed better looking and more efficient machines that can wash clothes and make the room look great as well.

John Herrington, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Home Appliance department of Samsung Electronics in America was delighted to explain the new products and the thinking behind it. He said that the leadership in the home appliance has been inspired by the design and the technology that enables new ways of caring for the families.

“Our leadership in the home appliance is driven by design and technology that inspires and enables new ways of caring for our families and enjoying our homes. Our new laundry products bring new technology, outstanding performance, and design that enables an exciting new laundry space in the home,” he said.

The new Samsung products are classy with Champagne Stainless steel finish and can perform well without experiencing a dip in the cleaning efficiency even when there are excessive clothes to wash. These new range of colorful products are available for the US market and will cost around $799 as there are multiple products in almost every range.

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