Samsung Onyx: Now you can build your customized TV

Technology is becoming more of an experience rather than just utility. Brands are constantly making efforts to provide better technology and experience to their consumers. The movie theatres are the ones that survive on comfortability and viewing experience. The basic technology has been largely unchanged when it comes to theatres but no more.

Samsung, as we know, is the largest consumer electronics brand in the world and is a pioneer in new technologies. It is well known for its premium quality displays, be it for mobile phones or TVs. Now it is stepping up its game and moving into the theatre business. The company developed a display called Onyx, which is completely different from the traditional projector and screens.

The Onyx displays are the customisable versions of TVs. According to the needs, the size can be changed. It debuted in South Korea last year and this year it has reached India too. They have numerous pros over the traditional screens but need more time in the market to get the consumers’ and experts’ feedback on the same. The technology has the potential to be the new normal in the movie theatre business.

Samsung has also collaborated with audio giant JBL for its screens. This means that if anyone watches a movie on Samsung’s Onyx screens, the sound experienced will be of JBL. The audio quality is extremely impressive as the surround sound experience is pretty good. JBL is popular for its good quality audio equipment and they have once again proved their worth with the collaboration with the Korean giant.

India is a land of movies as its very own Bollywood is the largest producer of movies in the world. It beats the Hollywood by a huge margin. We can expect the movie theatres in India to be installing Onyx screens. Consumers who can afford the high-quality displays can get it installed in their homes as well. It will be a superior experience for the users.

The first ever Onyx screen in a movie hall was installed in country capital, Delhi as early as August this year. The latest ones have been installed in the home of Bollywood, Mumbai. In India PVR is partnering with Samsung to install the screens. As per reports from an esteemed daily, The Hindu, it costs around $500,000 – $700,000 or around 5 crores per installation. These are expensive screen technology. In Mumbai, it has been used in a high-end cinema, INOX Leisure.

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China is one of the largest markets for cinema and Samsung clearly knows that. They have installed their Onyx screens in the Capital theatre Beijing. The local players such as TCL and Hisense will be keeping a close eye on the developments as they are the fastest growing display manufacturers in the country.

In the era of ready-made products, the concept of personalisation has faded away. It remains as only the luxury of the consumers who can afford to pay a fortune to have products customised for them.

The new technologies that come out every now and then are often expensive in the beginning. As time passes and it gets popular among the commoners, the price starts dipping. As it seems, the rarity of such customisable screen techniques will keep the prices high for quite some time now.

– Soumya De

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