Samsung Note 10 to release soon with almost all the specifications out.

blue smartphone in hand

Ever since smartphones have been popular there’s been a fierce competition among the brands to be the best and a lot of confusion among the customers but every year some specific phones stand out and Samsung’s galaxy note series has always stood out and has been successful in being consistent. The Galaxy Note is the one line which the company showcases the best they have.

Samsung earlier this year in March released galaxy s10 in the premium category, the premium phone comes with a very fast processor, the highlight of the device is the punch hole camera in the front screen which is one of a kind and a different approach towards the front screen. The device also has an IRIS scanner with great storage capacity, which makes one of the best smartphones in the league.

The rumored specifications

In 2019, Samsung is apparently going to continue the series with note 10. According to a report of ET News, Samsung is planning on releasing as many as four different models of the Note 10, including two LTE options, one with a 6.28-inch screen and another with a 6.75-inch screen, and two 5G ones, the note 10 is a flagship handset would obviously be a very costly flagship handset, but it’s great specifications and features the (expected ones)make it worth a spend. The phone is water-resistant and dustproof, which provides great reliability and safety efficiency in case of minor accidents and drops. Right from cameras to display, to the processor to the battery backup phone looks amazing inside out.


The flagship smartphone is rumored to be launched in the upcoming two months and plenty of rumors and leaks are on the surface. Looking at Samsung’s history of note and S series, note 10 will most probably be the successor or to say an higher and more better version of Galaxy S10, a new leak confirms that there will be an ultra high-end version of the phone, and it even tells us exactly how powerful the new Note10 will be. Rumors of the Galaxy Note 10 with 5G support is all over the internet and the release date is almost confirmed. Two different versions of the Galaxy Note 10 5G were spotted Tuesday morning on a blog called Nashville chatter on the well-known benchmark test site Geekbench. Another rumor surrounding is that the Galaxy Note 10 is unlikely to have a headphone jack, which may be a huge setback for the users especially Indian users. It will be interesting though to see what exactly comes up and what are rumors and which were true indeed.

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