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Samsung Galaxy S11 To Be First 5G Chip Powered 108 MP Phone

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Samsung’s next flagship device might be more camera than a smartphone, with the latest Galaxy S11 leak revealing a host of highly-impressive lenses and sensors.

New rumors appear to confirm previous reports that the Galaxy S11 will come with a 108-megapixel image sensor, while also revealing new details about the rest of the phone’s photographic setup. A large rectangle on its rear could house up to five lenses, including an ultrawide-angle lens and one capable of 5x optical zoom.

The marquee device will also adopt a time-of-flight sensor for depth detection similar to one already in the Galaxy Note 10+, a feature that can aid portrait photos and augmented-reality applications, the people said, asking not to be identified discussing specifications that haven’t been made public.

Samsung will also extend the high-resolution sensor and 5x zoom camera to the Galaxy Fold clamshell device — which is expected to be publicly unveiled around the time of the Galaxy S11’s launch in February, the people said. The raft of new features signal Samsung’s renewed commitment to mobile photography after years of minimal innovation, as well as an attempt to catch Apple in the camera stakes.

Moreover, all signs are pointing to the Samsung Galaxy S11 is a 5G phone without requiring users to buy a separate, more expensive 5G variant of the forthcoming handset.

We can now say this with confidence because Qualcomm announced its Snapdragon 865 chipset on December 4 at its Snapdragon Tech Summit, and it’ll be coupled with a 5G modem. Because the Galaxy S10 used the Snapdragon 855, the Galaxy S9 had the Snapdragon 845 and so on, the Galaxy S11 will almost certainly have the 865.

If this trend continues, it means two things: first, the Galaxy S11 is going to be the first 5G smartphone for a lot of people – 5G is going to have its mainstream moment. Second, the specs of the chip strongly foreshadow features of Samsung’s next big phone.

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