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Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 May Feature Active Noise Cancellation At $140

Samsung at exhibition

Samsung’s unusually-shaped earbuds – expected to be called the Galaxy Buds Bean – are shaping up to be even more of a direct AirPods Pro rival than expected, with new feature details leaking ahead of their official reveal. The chatter of the Bluetooth earbuds began last week, with renders of Samsung’s supposed design suggesting a stark departure from the Galaxy Buds we’ve seen so far.

Korean media reports have more ambitious plans than we expected for its next set of earbuds. Apparently, Samsung is targeting a price of under $150 for these earbuds, meaning they could end up costing even less than Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Buds+.

Despite that price, though, Samsung is reportedly not skimping on features. The “bean” Galaxy Buds, somehow, will support active noise cancellation. Given the lack of silicone tips and a “one-size-fits-all” approach to the design, it’s unclear how well this feature could even work compared to other headphones like Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Still, it’s exciting that Samsung has active noise cancellation on the table for these new earbuds. Aside from that, this latest report mentions a price of 170,000 won or, in US dollars, around $140. Further, the buds themselves are apparently 28mm long and 13mm wide, but Samsung is attempting to further trim those dimensions. The case, too, is only 26mm thick. That’s just a bit thicker than the case for the original AirPods and just a bit slimmer than the current Galaxy Buds/+ case. Eleven-hour battery life is also mentioned likely using Samsung’s custom chips.

Amazon’s $130 Echo Buds include Bose’s active noise reduction (ANR) technology, but this is not considered as effective as full ANC. If Samsung is able to offer full ANC for just $10 more than the Echo Buds, and over $100 less than the AirPods Pro, that will be a significant achievement. Before we get too excited at this prospect, it’s worth considering whether or not Samsung’s ANC will be as effective as that offered by higher-priced competitors, given the unusual design of the new earbuds.

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