Samsung Brings Japanese Forest to India

Samsung, as a part of its CSR project, has joined hands with the Gautam Buddha Nagar Administration of India to create a 71,000 sq. mt. area into Japanese Style Miyawaki Forest. This technique of afforestation ensures that the plant grows 10 times faster and increases the tree cover density by 30 times more than the usual. This has been earlier used in the state of Kerala and it has proved to be very successful.

The District Magistrate of the area announced that according to the MoU signed between the company and the administration, Samsung cannot lease out the land or take ownership in any way. The land will be a public property that will be solely for the betterment of the environment of the region. Unfortunately, the total forest cover of Gautam Buddha Nagar currently stands around 1.5% which is negligible compared to the standard 33% requirement. This makes the region with a high potential for afforestation, which will be beneficial for the citizen of the region as well.

Initiatives such as these by large corporates and their collaboration with the local authorities will certainly help in creating more awareness among the people and the government alike. Other large corporates should draw2 lessons from Samsung and start giving back to society more.

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