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Rumors suggest WhatsApp to go all black with its new dark mode

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WhatsApp undoubtedly is the most used app in the entire world. It has around one billion downloads on the Android Play Store and a similar number pops up on the Apple App Store. It is safe to say that WhatsApp has a lot of responsibility to maintain its high satisfaction rate. That said, it releases a new update or a new feature almost every other month. The WhatsApp of 2016 and the WhatsApp of 2018, if we compare them, are two different apps altogether.

The chatting app has evolved a lot over the years. A year before last, we could not ‘unsend’ a message, share live location or we did not have WhatsApp status. Also one could not change numbers without losing their data. There was no two-step verification for encryption and privacy, we could not share gifs as they weren’t a part of WhatsApp then and we couldn’t check what is eating our storage.

In 2018 there are all those features up and running and also with some great new emoticons. In addition to those we actually have some amazing updates in this year. We all know how annoying can groups be sometimes, we can obviously mute them but there are times we don’t want to miss anything, well, WhatsApp has you covered. It has introduced a feature where it tells you when you are being mentioned in a group chat. There is a small ‘@’ sign which appears on the left-hand corner of the chat on which you can tap and go to the message where you are mentioned.

This feature helps a great deal, apart from that, 2018 updates have also seen group video calls. You can group video call with not more than four people. This feature, if rumors are to be believed, is getting a revamp. Moving on, the other great thing WhatsApp introduced might feel like a rip off from Hike Messenger but is already in use; the stickers. Stickers are of all kinds and you can add them in your bucket one by one, you can find them right beside the emoticons.

The other thing that is now doing rounds in the update world is that WhatsApp is going to introduce a dark mode. A themed WhatsApp, it may feel weird but it is coming. There will be a dark mode in your WhatsApp within months from now. Although it was rumored to have rolled out to the beta versions in September that was not the case, it is still in the development stage.

The dark mode is not an impulsive update that will roll out, it is rather a very thoughtful decision. The dark mode is to serve a lot of purposes, it will reduce the glaring at night is one. Also, a lot of top end phones and even mid-budget phones have OLED displays. These OLED displays, if you have observed them neatly, are blacker than the other displays. This is because the pixels don’t really turn on. To put into simpler words, the part on the display which is dark or black is turned off. This decreases the battery usage.

Many other applications like YouTube have tested the waters of this dark mode. Google even came out and said that at 50 percent brightness, OLED phones use 14 percent less battery and at 100 percent screen brightness, the dark mode consumes 60 percent less battery. This is one of the main reasons why WhatsApp is going dark. Not only WhatsApp, the second most used chatting app, Facebook’s Messenger is also introducing a dark mode soon.

– Unmesh Phule

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