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RozDhan allows you to earn Money from the comfort of your home

Fun has a different definition to everybody. For someone, riding a bike through the mountains can be fun whereas to someone relaxing on a beach can be utterly relaxing. For most people earning money is fun and the app RozDhan is here to pay the users money through Paytm.

In recent times, people have been stuck to their devices more than anything else has. This is why; people have found ways to have fun while on their device. The best way to have fun probably is watching videos. You just need to open a platform that offers good content and watch the videos for as long as you desire.


We have seen a surge in the online content creators in the past few years. People have been addicted to some of the major platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. There are a handful of Indian platforms too that are bringing in millions of viewers each month such as Hotstar, Voot and Viu.


However, the videos or content that they offer are based on a business model where the user needs to pay. To avail the subscription of these content creators, users need to pay either on a monthly or on an annual basis. You are enjoying the contents but for that, you need to shell out hard earned cash to these mega-corporations.


Most people want to earn money comfortably but it seldom happens in reality. We have an app here available on the Android Playstore that allows the users to earn money. The way to earn money cannot be simpler and easier than this. Moreover, it is n work, rather fun activity. Can you imagine? You are watching interesting videos and earning money through that! Isn’t it the most amazing way to be rich?


RozDhan is revolutionizing the Indian application sector and also the way youngsters are earning. Sharing the app and earning money is not a new method. Google tried this with their application, Tez. They allured the users in a similar way what RozDhan is doing. People were delighted to share the application and earn loads of money.

The issue with that application is the thing that you cannot use it for fun. RozDhan is a new application that offers videos, which will keep the users entertained all day long.

Youtubers earning through Videos

YouTube is one of the highest visited platforms in the world and also in India. The YouTubers that understood the benefit of the App RozDhan and shared the download link on their channels earned a lot of money. Numerous YouTubers have earned a fortune by making promotional videos for our application. The highest earning person is Technical Yogi who has earned more than 8,00,000 Rupees.

Proof of YouTubers’ earnings:



Date: August 8, 2018 till now

Rank: top3 trending APP in India Google Playstore

Events: more than 25000 people have withdrawn money from RozDhan to Paytm

You can watch the videos for more information.

Video link:


Invite more than 1,80,000 people

Earning Rupees 8,17,000


Simple steps to register and start earning:




Task Repetition Description Coins earned
1 Registration task one-time tasks Users will be rewarded if they register successfully for the first time
2 Add invite Code one-time tasks New users can be rewarded if they successfully fill in a valid invitation code
3 Fill in user info one-time tasks Complete all user information items can be rewarded 200
4 Invite friends daily repeatable tasks be rewarded when successfully invite friends to sign up 1250
5 Second Invite daily repeatable tasks Users will be rewarded if their invited friends successfully invite other people 250
6 Check in daily tasks For first day check-in get 20 coins, the second day 25, and keep adding more on third, fourth and so on. Flat 50 coins will be added 7th day onwards. However, upon failure to check in for even a day, the cycle will restart from the 1st day (20 coins).

*250 coin= 1 rupee


Screenshots from RozDhan Application:

1st – Logging in the application and providing your information will earn your Rs. 25

2nd – Sharing your link with your friends and family will earn you more money

3rd – Your contacts share RozDhan’s link, you will earn more money on each share.

The offer is very good from the company so, do not hesitate and hurry.

Start earning money sitting in the comfort of your home.

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